Anyone use Microsoft Money?

kframe19March 27, 2008

I've been limping along on Quicken 99 Basic for the past couple of years, and it's getting to the point where it's A) not as powerful and diverse as I need it to be, and B) was originally intended for Win. 98 and I have it installed on an XP system.

I know the newest editions of Money will do what I want them to do for me, but I'm wondering about ease of use, any known issues, etc.

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I tried Money for a while... but ended up going back to Quicken.
I like Quicken better - I guess because of familiarity. I have been using it since the days of DOS and am now running 2008 Premier.

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I have no experience with Money, but I've used Quicken for several years and highly recommend it. I LOVE it. I am using the 2008 deluxe version. One thing I really love is I can back up my files online through Quicken for only $10/year.

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I use MS Money 2000 Deluxe, running on Windows 2000. It does what I need for personal finance, and I've not even looked at what new features are offered in the latest version.

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I'm going to try a freeware program that a number of people I work with highly recomment, gnucash.

If it doesn't work, I'll try rolling out Money or update my Quicken.

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I've used Money for the past 11 years and love it. I liked 1995 better than 1998. I am currently using 2002 deluxe. I bought 2007 but I absolutely HATED it, so I removed it and replaced the 2002. 2007 forces you on to the internet for everything - including the simple stuff like loan interest calculators. I don't like my checkbook and my web pages connected at all if possible. You can probably pick up the older versions REALLY cheap. I'm not sure what "power" you need, but 2002 will do your splits on mortgages (interest/principle), and track your investments pretty well. I love projecting cashflow 5-10-20 years into the future (although I never seem to have as much money as I "plan" to when the date finally does roll around). As long as the ramp goes up, its all good...

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Well, I downloaded gnucash, installed it, and it won't work on my system. I'm going to try uninstalling it and downloading it again, but it could be my system's configuration.

Thanks for the review on 2007, if it's that webforced I'm probably going to go looking for a copy of 2002.

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Money was cute but didn't cut it for me. Made spreadsheets with Excel that are cleaner and faster. Bank lets me download my account as comma seperated variables so a spreadsheet is easy. All the charts and calculations I could ever dream of when I want to play what if.

: )

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Quicken here too. Buying the annnual updates in the program is unnecessary. Every 3 years or so seems about right. Your 1999 version could do with an update for sure.

Can you transfer files/records between Money and Quicken? Would be a shame to lose (or reenter) all the data you have already... I find I go back to prior years' data to understand trends in spending, etc. Part of the payoff for me has been that long view. Ten+ years of tracking and I'm pretty sure of our financial patterns.

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I've used Quicken since 1991. I got a free copy of Money with some new computer. Tried it - didn't like it. I'm sure it's changed alot since I last looked at it. Quicken has changed a lot too. I don't know that I use many of the newer bells and whistles. I only update when they tell me the old version is no longer going to be supported for integration with my bank account.

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Quicken here too. I initially tried Money: it was OK, but I have found Quicken to be the more powerful program.

As celticmoon points out, it's not necessary to buy the new ones every year. I'm using 2007 and before that I used 2003. I won't buy an updated program unless there's a very good reason to do so.

I find that the more carefully I enter items, the more valuable it is to me when I'm tracking spending patterns. I especially like the Budget feature to see how we are doing.

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Well, I've decided to skip the Quicken/Money/Gnucash option and go with a series of linked spreadsheets.

Took awhile to develop the basics and some serious thought into what I was doing, but I think I have a very workable set established.

Now the test is to see how they do for me, and how I do for them, over the next several months.

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I use Microsoft Money 2006, but I wouldn't say I'm a power user. I use it as my checkbook and to track my spending by category or payee. It helps me to see where my money's going and where I can take money out for savings. But really, a carefully balanced paper checkbook and good money management techniques will do the same thing. I just think it's easier with the software.

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