Advice from Tempurpedic owners!!??????

cottagecindyFebruary 9, 2012

I bought a Cloud Supreme about a month ago. (yes I cried literally at first) but am now fully starting to love it. Barely ANY smell at beginning. gets a bit warm but I'm not a hot sleeper. (husband sleeps hot,so HATES it--he sweats even sleeping on a floor) so I have a nice bed to myself! :))

Here's the advice I need---------

I use the mattress on a platform foundation (not the box spring platform they sell. I am concerned about the mattress getting soiled, wet, damp, sweaty, you get the picture, so I bought the Tempurpedic waterproof/breathable mattress cover liner. AND I bought a waterproof/breathable zips up completely around/under the entire mattress. well....................................

it was hot. it was uncomfortable, it crinkled and bunched up under my fitted both these items are made for mattresses that are 20" deep I swear! and how the heck it breathes is beyond me. so I took them both off. I keep looking under the mattress for liquid of any type (yes a bit paranoid-long story) but so far ok. I went to another mattress store and bought a mattress liner pad-also waterproof/breathable ???(this has to go to Mythbusters I swear!) and it fits better and on top is like terry cloth. made by "Protect A Bed" , and of course it slips a bit also but not nearly as the others.

What do you all use?? Wish I could just use my fitted sheet, but I'm not taking a chance on a $$ mattress getting ruined by moisture, spills, pet problems....

but is there ANY other solution?? and don't say "put it in a guest bedroom for show" LMAO!!! (my girlfriend said that to me. uh huh..riiiight!)

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis

The water proof covers should do. Many companies sell us them. Some breathe nore than others.

We put the displays on a jar filled with windex and screw a hollow lid down on them. While the windex does not leak out it does evaporate! Slowly but it does.

Changing the waterproof pad yearly would probably be sufficient btw. I just do not believe the thin layer of waterproof material stays good forever.

TEMP is part of your mattress's brand name and all memory foam sleeps warm. The new gel foams I have not tried out for more than ten minutes. Without a cover the feel damp of all odd sensations.. Does not bother me either.

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thanks toronado3800 -- yep I'm just using the one I bought that was displayed exactly like you wrote--in a jar with windex with a jelly jar ring but no lid and the liquid not seeping thru. "protect a bed" brand. and I'll just tighten the sheets up when they get loose (actually referring to the fitted sheet and the waterproof liner pad below it). so I'll see what it is like in a few months....the bed is still breaking in. I'm not rotating it --I just sleep on each side, middle, corner to corner, etc.
I wonder how the bed will feel -temperature wise--in our few days of hot weather we get each summer --since I only use a ceiling fan and open windows at night.

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toronado3800 **********
hope you check forum occasionally ! I'm assuming you have or work somehow with tempurpedic beds right?
So I think you'd be the perfect one to ask--
I'm about midway thru my trial period, and to be honest,(after wanting to hang myself etc) I do love the bed! I sleep all night (never before) so here's my dilemma --- as mentioned I bought the cloud supreme . I liked the luxe too but it cost 1k more and didn't have the $ at that time. Now the decision time is coming.
1) cloud supreme is soft and you sink in a little, but then you hit bottom so to speak. it feels a bit too firm for me, I've been sleeping on it, but.....
2)cloud luxe is softer and you sink in more, but not as much as folks say. I like pillowy, featherbed style tops, so I'm think of now switching to the luxe.
SO here's what the store mgr says to me.the cloud luxe is not worth the extra 1k since all tempurpedics are made the same underneath it all and you bottom out on the same thing. the luxe just gives you a bit more time to get to that point. he's telling me literally there is no difference between the supreme and luxe except that extra layer on top which is just for when you first lay down, it all evens out. ??? I thought the luxe is softer overall, cooler due to that different top layer, and hopefully not AS hard as the other so my hip bone doesn't stiffen up in a pocket of firm foam. is there an real difference between the 2 models besides the price and the height of the bed? and I've read that these beds are made for solid platform beds, so then why is he trying to sell me a 2" box spring to let my mattress breathe more? It's solid wood too but lots of little holes. and 'i understand they creak" I'm really confused now and have just one month to decide all this.

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As far as I recall the Cloud Luxe has more Tempor material and a softer surface but it is the same type of foam material. Essentially what this boils down to is this. The Cloud Luxe has a different comfort level and a softer surface. If you had fibromyalgia for example or some other nerve disorder or you were a very small person or you were a runner with little body fat the Cloud Luxe would probably feel better.

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Thanks for the info. I am 5'5" and weigh about 130#, does that count me s small ? :P I'm average !! but I do feel the Supreme is a tad bit firm for me as I mentioned I feel a hard base under me a lot when I finally get to my final sinking rest spot.. As long as the Luxe doesn't get hotter, then I will save up my money and switch them out before my trial is up. arghhhh, another break-in period and de-smell time. ANYTHING for a good night's sleep.!

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Cindy you would definately qualify as small as far as the mattress goes. In my opinion the Luxe will not be any hotter.

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Thanks for the advice Freethinker99 :)
I'm praying for a bonus check soon so I can upgrade to the luxe before my trial period ends!!!

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I know I am probably posting too late on the topic but I bet the mattress protector is causing most if not all of the issue. I would really recommend a woolen mattress protector the St. Dormeir mattress protector if you search online you will find a lot of good reviews.

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The Mattress protector could be conributing to the issue.

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Follow up: I agree with luxuryseeker that a "breathable" mattress pad is the way to go.

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Hi, I just registered to participate in this conversation. I'm in my trial period on my cloud luxe breeze. I live the mattress except that I'm experiencing the "bottom out" thing that was described earlier. Does this go away with time? Should I try another Tempurpedic model? I'm sold on the comfort and support of Tempurpedic in general so I'd like to make this work.

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I'm glad someone resurrected this thread & hope more people will chime in, because I'm halfway through our trial & at a complete loss!

I've wanted a tempur-pedic for almost 10 years, after sleeping on the "original" version, but my husband was dead-set against it because he was told it would be hot & he's always too warm.

I talked him into the Cloud Supreme Breeze & he says it's the most comfortable bed he's ever slept on... I think it feels like I'm sleeping on the sidewalk- I HATE it! I wake up all night with numb hips, neck pain, upper back pain, and/or my arm being asleep.

I don't really understand the "bottoming out" problem- you have to reach bottom somewhere! But when I slept on that original model years ago, I would sink in slowly & just feel cuddled by the mattress, not like I hit a firm surface. On this one I barely make a dent!

I fear that the problem is the difference in our sizes- I'm 5'6" & bit under 130 lbs. & he's 6'5" & around 275. I feel like i'd be fine without the "Breeze" gel, but if he thinks it's too hot he'll never keep it.

Does the gel really keep it cooler? Is there a model that would be comfortable for both of us? Does anyone have any suggestions? We're running out of time & I desperately need a good night's sleep!

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My husband and I just recently bought a Rhapsody Breeze. We initially tried the Cloud Supreme Breeze and, though we liked it, I felt what people describe as bottoming out. So, we considered the Luxe model but it was too soft. So we moved to the Rhapsody. You have to try it in a variety of stores because it's firmness is effected by the temperature of the room and the age of the floor model. The first one I tried was too firm. But at the 4 other showrooms I tried it, it was perfect. We were also concerned with heat and opted for the Breeze model. Obviously, it's still winter but our bedrooms radiator runs hot(75 degrees). I must say my husband hasn't been sweating as he did with our old spring mattress. I did also get him a Technogel pillow that helps keep his head cooler. I say visit multiple showrooms, take your shoes off and climb up on the beds and stay there for at least 20 minutes. It's a huge investment. I don't understand how people choose mattresses by sitting and bouncing on them. We spent at least 4-5 days over two weeks shopping for a mattress. We spent a ton of time in each one we were considering to figure out what we liked and what we didn't. After a week, our Rhapsody Breeze has softened a bit and is now near perfect to us. We love it and are sure we made the right choice for us.

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Holly- Kay

I have the Cloud Luxe and I love it! I have never slept as well as I do now. I must also add that I am hot all the time but don't find that I am warmer on this mattress than on my old one. My only regret is I have the adjustable model and I find I never use that feature. I used it a few times in the beginning but now just prop myself up with my pillows when I read in bed. If you like a soft mattress the Cloud Luxe will be perfect for you!

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Yep, I think the Cloud Luxe is calling me. The Rhapsody always feels too hard when I try it, but it probably IS worth a longer trial than the 60 seconds I gave it before declaring it a brick. ;)
I fear that hubby will find the Cloud Luxe too soft- is it just a soft, squishy top over a firmer Tempur mattress, or is the whole thing soft?
The cool pillow is a great idea.
That adjustable base was pricey! I had visions of crushing the cat, who likes to sleep under our bed, so I figured we'd "make do" with propped pillows too.
Thank you both for your help. :)

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I thought the Rhapsody was a brick the first time I laid in it too. I loved the Luxe but found I would sink in too far when I sat up in a "reading in bed" position.

I guess I forgot to answer your question about mattress covers. I originally bought the waterproof protector that everyone sells and hated it. First of all, it sounded like a diaper when I moved around on the bed. But what I disliked most was that I felt clammy in bed. It's hard to describe, really. But I felt like it was making me sweat. So I invested in an organic cotton waterproof mattress protector I came across at a local store. I've been using it for over a week now and love it. I no longer feel clammy/sweaty in bed and it doesn't sound like I'm wearing a diaper, which I'm thrilled about.

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In my opinion the Cloud Luxe is their most comfortable mattress offering good support and a comfotable soft top as far as the mattress covers I agree that any not coated cover is the way to go.

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I just bought the cloud luxe - it will be delivered to our new home. There is a new version, the cloud elite that is a tad firmer. I was caught between the two and went luxe.
Thenks the tip about the mattress cover. I'm going to look for something other than what is being delivered with the bed.

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Holly- Kay

You will love it Kjente. I will never own a mattress other than Tempurpedic. Even though the Luxe is soft it still is very supportive. It is wonderful to wake up with no aches and pains!

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I didn't see my solution to the hot Tempurpedics, so thought I would share. I have had my Tempurpedic for at least 10 yrs & am in love with it, however it was warm and then got hot after I had breast cancer & had to take those anti-estrogen drugs for 5 years plus. On a trip to San Juan, I had the opportunity to stay in a luxury hotel on the beach. This hotel had a featherbed & having never slept on one, I was dreading sleeping on it, especially in hot, humid weather. It was the best thing I ever slept on! As soon as I got home, I purchased a featherbed for over the mattress (2 to 4" thick, compresses with use). I have RH Linen bedding that is extra deep & I am in heaven every night! The last night I woke up wet with sweat was the last night prior to my featherbed. The tempurpedic is not cheap, the featherbed is not inexpensive (got mine on sale at Overstock - careful, it's heavy!), and the real Belgian Linen sheets are not inexpensive either, but I sleep like the Queen my dogs think I am. They love it, too!

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