New foundation for latex/spring organic mattress?

gardenspudsFebruary 24, 2011

I don't know if anyone can help here, but here it goes. 3 years ago I bought an "organic" mattress that has a couple of inches of cotton/wool on the top layer, a couple of inches of latex, all on top of coils. The foundation is a "European slat" system, which can be adjusted for different firmness. I hate the foundation, I have to constantly adjust it to make it comfortable and I have to sleep in one "sweet" spot in the bed to make it work well for me.

Anyway, I want to try a new foundation under the mattress before running out and buying a whole new mattress system. The mattress is mostly coils, with only the thin layer of latex on top. I was reading that a latex bed should be on a wood foundation, and that an interspring mattress should be on a coil foundation.

Anyone have any guesses which would be best for my setup? It is a European Sleepworks bed if anyone is interested, sleepworks dot com.



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Here's my personal experience with mattresses.

I had a spring mattress and now have a latex mattress.

One spring mattress was in a CalKing platform (no foundation), it was Ok.
Then, we bought another spring mattress (RestWell) on a box spring foundation. We had problems with the mattress after 7 years, and the company picked it up and returned it without charge.
We had to have a bed while this was being fixed, so we bought an Essentia pure latex mattress, which can be either placed on a box spring foundation or a platform.

My wife and I both prefer this pure latex mattress, and haven't even opened up the repaired mattress mentioned above. I should say that we are using the box springs used for the repaired mattress (we have sinced ordered higher box springs, to replace the 4' box springs that we purchased with the repaired mattress).
After saying all of that, I think your problem may be with the foundation you are reluctent to get rid of, and to further confuse you with which mattress with what foundation.
If you can, I would recommend the mattress that we bought from Essentia (made in Canada).

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Essentia Mattresses

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Thanks for the recommendation, but right now I cannot afford a new mattress system, and I am quite sure the mattress we have is okay, I just don't like the European slat adjustable foundation. One idea I have is to get a new foundation (either box spring or wood slat that is not adjustable foundation), but I'm not sure which would work better with our mattress. This mattress has coils on the bottom layer (don't know how deep, maybe 8 to 10 inches), 2" latex on top of that coils and on top of that, several layers of organic wool and cotton padding.


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