Correcting personal information on credit report?

SilverdoveMarch 25, 2007

I request credit reports every year. My credit history is fine, and there are no errors in the credit information. However, my name and address are incorrect, and have been for several years.

I did report that the information was incorrect, but I was told by the agencies that the errors in personal information cannot be corrected because they are recorded the way the information is reported by creditors.

However, the name is way wrong. If it were a former married name, I wouldn't worry about it, but it a name that I never used. It is the first name on the list, so it is supposed to be my current name. It makes me feel like I'm not a real person.

And my "current address" as shown on the reports is actually my former spouse's address. I never lived there.

Is there any way to get this information changed?

I haven't applied for any new credit in over six years. If I applied for a new credit card, would the new information override the incorrect information, so that the supposed current information would be correct?

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Good luck! I hope someone can answer this. I would like to know also. Our credit report shows a Visa account with BofA from 1972 that says it is still open.

Well both DH and I were married to other people way back then and neither one of us have ever had any accounts with BofA. I called BofA and they said there is no, and never has been, a account with that number. I tried for several year to get it removed and finally gave up.

I know it doesn't hurt anything. When we bought our last house they said we had the highest credit score they had ever seen but I would still like to get it removed.

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we corrected personal information on my husbands credit report.
We had disputed a invalid line on his report. When I got the letter there was a case number that I found I needed to get to a human. I told them that there were 2 different spelling of his name that were incorrect I have a feeling they were typos made by companies "solciting us" . The person I spoke with removed them. So it can be done.

So maybe if you file a dispute that the names is wrong and you get a letter that they "can't fix it" with a case number it will enable you to get to a person. and you never know thay may use the dispute to fix the problem


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