Adura vs laminate vs engineered hardwood????

lynn5707January 18, 2010


I just recently found this forum and love reading all the posts. My husband and I are planning on replacing the carpet and vinyl on our first floor this year. Our home is an open floor plan where it is really just one big room including kitchen, dining and living room, laundry closet, and 1/2 bath.

We have young grandsons who have trucks, blocks etc and play on floor a lot, we have 3 large dogs, 2 cats. I love the look of hardwood, but people have suggested laminate would be more durable. I have thought of tile, but really don't like the look of that for my living room and I want there to be one floor for the whole first floor to make it flow better. I just heard of Adura which sounds like that would be good, have not seen it in person. I just cannot imagine that it looks real.

Would love to get input on what others have done. I have seen the Bruce Park Avenue and thought it was beautiful, but after reading some posts here it may not be practical for our needs. Although, it is the most beautiful I think and would be willing to try it even with the high gloss.

Thanks again! I am so confused!!! The area is about 680 sq ft.

Good to get to know everyone!


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You sound like the perfect laminate customer. With the dogs, cats and children you will live a simpler life with laminate.

There are two basic types of laminate, high and low pressure. The high pressure will hold up much better over time and is worth spending a little more for.

The large dogs will leave their claw compression imprints on the wood you are considering.

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Never ever put laminate anywhere but a basement. It will drop your home value. Laminate flooring is 70's panelling, on your floor.

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I have to agree with Lynn. Laminate flooring is great for starter homes, maybe basement flooring, etc. but it will not last like hardwood. You can have extra coats of finish applied to your hardwood if you are concerned about the dogs and kids but it is a "renewable" product. It can be sanded and refinished over and over again! I just don't understand why people want to use laminate when it is just a "faux" product; of course price is a factor but every laminate floor I have walked on looks and sounds so cheap! I have hardwood floors with dogs and grandkids and have never had a problem. There are scratches but they are not noticeable and are not deep. Engineered floors are a little bit better than laminate but, there again, they can only be sanded once or twice then you have to replace!
Good Luck!

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agree with above with some exceptions. I've never seen laminate that looked good after a yr or two. The seams always start appearing. If you buy ANY product assuming no scratching your asking for dissapointment. Engineered wood can be recoated without resanding and the scratches will dissapear with the new coat of finish. Laminates can NEVER be recoated, refinished or repaired in any way so be forewarned. I agree with the 'cheapness' factor of laminate.

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