Tulikivi construction complete

halfbarnranchjakeMay 31, 2006

We are a couple of months away from the finish work being complete on our new construction, but last week the finishing touches were put on the Tulikivi (Finnish Soapstone Fireplace).

It's 10,000 lbs, wood burning and 90+% efficient. It also has a bake oven. A local winery has the same model though a little larger (12,000 lbs) and it is warm to the touch for 3 days after a fire.

To be sure this is investment grade, but I think it makes a nice focal point as well.

You can see pictures of it here:


in photo album Half Barn Part 4

You can see other models here:


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ohh man, you have to post this over at heart.com they will love it. Congrads on a kick butt stove.

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Without being overly churlish, how much does something like this cost? It's a great looking piece. Kudos on your new construction.

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I don't know the cost of the heat shield (Copper over backerboard and metal studs yet). The Tulikivi itself with the options (i.e. bench, oven, green accents) I chose was just shy of $24K shipped from Finland and installed. That does not include the concrete support construction / engineering costs, however. Smaller models with less options should run significantly less.

We looked at this as a "forever" focal point in the home. We've done Waterford gas inserts in a couple of homes, we'll have a Jotul, I believe, in the alcove of the Tulikivi support (in the basement).

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Congrats and thanks for sharing. How long did this take...from time fireplace was ordered to completion?


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Construction of the stove itself was 2 weeks. The flue pipe / chimney cap was a good part of a day. Chimney took the mason most of a week. The radiant barrier took a good part of a day. We ordered the Tulikivi in July of last year so that it had plenty of time to ship over.

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Love the Tulikivi. We have a similar model with bakeoven in the middle of our house. I find that I can put a sheet of cookies to bake in the bakeoven whenever there is a fre in the main box as the stone is warm enough to bake cookies. We have been through 3 heating seasons with ours and absolutely love it

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