OC didn't bill ins. now neg on CRA

wnlbutterflyMarch 28, 2004

I just got back a validation for a medical bill. On it they had listed us as "SELF PAY", which in fact we had insurance coverage (Kaiser actually, which is why we were at that medical building instead of near home...out of state even).

They sent it to collections and it's been a bad tradeline on hubby's report. What is the best way to approach this, send them a copy of the card, ask for them to bill CORRECTLY, and to remove this from reports as it was their error and not ours?

THANKS....I have a feeling that the other medical billing will be the same situation. Laura

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I would call them, explain the situation & ask them to bill your ins. You should be able to just give them your card # over the phone, but in this case I would mail them a copy as well. Since it's showing up on your credit report, I would send them a letter with the copy of the card, explaining the situation again & send it certified mail with a return receipt. If you make a phone call, make sure to note the date, time, & person you spoke with.

I'm not sure if you would notify the credit bureau or if they would. Call the credit bureau & ask.

I recently had a similar situation. I live right on a state line. My family doctor is only six miles away, but in another state. They kept billing Blue Cross & sending me letters saying that I owed them money because everything had gone toward my deductible. I have co-pays for doctor visits. They had not read the back of the card which instructed them to file with Blue Cross in their state rather than my state. They failed to correct this after a couple of phone calls, so I went to their office, showed them my card, which plainly stated co-pay & sat with one of them while she called Blue Cross & made the corrections.


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I am sending copies so that I KNOW they receive them, I don't trust anything people tell me over the phone anymore. Best part however, is that I mentioned it to our mortgage broker and she wants the copies also. I think it will help with our interest rate (we are in the middle of trying for a home mortgage too). Now just waiting for the next bill to come in before sending out that letter.


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I got back a letter from one of them saying they didn't know about the insurance (which they HAD billed just 6 months prior, not to mention printing off two account summaries with a minute of each other (I have the proof) and one shows Kaiser and the other doesn't). And that they couldn't contact me, (didn't have a phone then), and so on. When I tried to call I got the same thing...not our fault because you didn't do this and this, yet, I am doing it now and they can't seem to grasp the idea of lets fix it now.

The letter basically states they made no error and the amount is due. So they are refusing to bill the insurance. I didn't think that was legal. I sent a complaint to BBB, but don't know who else to complain to. Doesn't seem right I pay for medical insurance and have providers that don't want to bill it.


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Ask them for a copy of the bill that includes diagnostic codes, and send it to the insurance company yourself. Send it registered, of course, and send a copy to the health-careprovider along w/ a letter telling them what you are doing, and that they should expect payment from Kaiser.

I don't know what Kaiser's like, but many times I've found when I talk to the folks at the insurance company, they can straighten it out in no time.

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