How to keep birds off of chimney cap?

damuthaMay 4, 2006

So I confirmed this morning at 6 am that the jarringly loud vibrating sound coming from our gas fireplace is in fact a little winged creature who is apparently showing off to his buddies how much noise he can make. We have a "fake" chimney built up around the vent pipe for the fireplace, and there is a metal cap that covers the whole thing. The bird appears to be trying to drive a hole through this cap with his beak. I got rid of him this morning with a poorly aimed rock, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep varmints away permanently?

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I have that problem too, and it's usually more than two birds, but I don't know. sorry

Here is a link that might be useful: Outdoor Fireplaces

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Same problem here. He is marking his territory (trying to attract females and scare off other males). Metal makes a much louder sound than anything else they can find. If you decide to take extreme measures be forewarned that woodpeckers are a federally protected bird. In other words make sure nobody sees you waste him! I haven't had the heart to harm my pest yet. That may change as the summer comes and he starts pounding at about 5:45AM like he did last summer.

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Yeah, they do that here too. Sometimes it seems they have a contest as to who can make the most noise between mine and my neighbor's chimney. But we just toss a few stones at them and they leave. It only lasts a short time anyway.

But I won't trade that sound for life in an urban or suburban area at any time!

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they have these spikes you can put up there that wont let them have a place to land. They sell them at most hardware stores. Other then that, pellet gun?

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