Late on my credit card

stir_fryiMarch 27, 2009

I just realized my JC Penny was due four days ago (a whopping 32 dollar balance). I am going in to pay it today with the $15 late fee (that will teach me).

They don't actually report it on your credit report unless you a whole billing cycle late -- correct?

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Ask JC Penney what their policy is.

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They will only report it if it is 30 days or more late.

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If this is the first time you are late ask them to wave the late charge.

I missed a payment on my Discover Card for the first time last year. I had the card since 1995. They called me and I paid it over the phone, somehow I had missed the bill. When I asked they not only waved the late fee they waved the interest charges, too.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Discover Card has the greatest customer service besides being able to make free pay by phone payments.

They have waived interest too on me, when I accidentally did not get the call in soon enough to pay off the monthly balance. I have the minimum payment taken out of my checking account automatically to be assured there will never be a late payment, thus a late fee charge.

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I figured out why I was late. My card was ALWAYS due on the last day of the month. I opened it yesterday and it due 3/24/09.

So I called and JCP told me they changed my billing cycle and notified me last September (like I'd remember).

So, I asked if they could please remove the late charge and she said no problem.

So, that made me happy.

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