Approximate costs for installing a wood stove . . .

katy_bugMay 22, 2006

Hi everyone,

I am planning on doing some updating a house we are purchasing. I am putting together my budget (to keep my mind occupied) and we are installing a wood stove. There is a gas heater right now that is currently tied into the chimney. We will remove the heater and install a wood stove back into the chimney (there originally was a wood stove). What is a good estimate to use in my budget for purchase of a stove and the reinstallation? I like the Jotul stoves. Anyone purchase one lately?

Thanks in advance!

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BTW - I am in Georgia - outer Atlanta area

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You can figure on about $1000 for the installation. This is in addition to the cost of the stove. The total cost for our Regency was $2200.

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I just four days ago had a new woodstove/fireplace insert professionally installed in my living room. It cost me $1,200 in Maryland in the summertime-- $600 for the SS flex liner and cap and $600 labor which included sweeping the chimney, installing the liner, transporting the stove from the place where I brought it, cutting out the old damper frame and completely assembling and installing the unit. I thought 600 bucks was kind of pricey for the amount of work involved and thought maybe I was gouged a little, but it seems like the price was pretty much in line. I bought a Regency I3100L. Regency was having a summer special-- free blower ($300) plus a $50 mail-in rebate. I can't wait to try it out.

I'm certain that I could have done the installation myself, but there are safety and insurance concerns that would probably have kept me up at night. Having a professional installation done helps me sleep better.


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Hmm, I had a Quadrafire 3100i nicely installed/delivered for $450 which I thought was very reasonable, otherwise, I'd considering doing it myself. The total installation came out to $3300 for the stove, the double wall chimney, the floor insert and the installation charge. This is in NJ


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I live in northern Rhode Island and paid 3K this year to heat our small colonial home with oil. I got a price on installing a wood stove and was wondering if it is fair:

Napoleon 1100CP freestanding stove $1364

Double wall black pipe: $290

Class A chimney extending from outside the 1st floor living room wall to 5' above the roof (2 stories) $1824

Corner hearth pad $306

Blower motor kit $217

Installation $1000

total of $5000


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I just purchased a Jotul Fireplace Wood Insert. Here's the breakdown:

Wood Insert & Surround:...................$ 2,700.00
SS Liner Kit & Damper Plate:..............$ 800.00
Installation:.............................$ 650.00
Delivery:.................................$ 200.00

Total Cost:...............................$ 4,350.00

I know this sounds high but it is a sellers market. I shopped around at several different stores and all were in this ballpark. There was no room for negotiations.

Each store told me that the year-to-date sales were off the charts. They normally sell 1 - 3 stoves/inserts per month during June, July & August. The store I dealt with had sold 45 stoves/inserts as of June 24th. The salesman told me that he'll be sold out of stoves by September at the going rate.

The return on my investment will be less than 1 year based on the current price for oil and my yearly consumption.

BTW - I live in northeast Massachusetts.

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