Cork floor

olivertwistkitchenJanuary 5, 2013

Best brand for glue down cork flooring?

Which style to look for that looks more like wood and less like a bulletin board?


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getting ready to re-do my kitchen floor and looking into cork flooring and need some input from anyone who has had some experience with glue down vs floating flooring.

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What kind of input are you looking for? The more specific you are the more i will be.

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Try a search for cork flooring on this site. A couple of posts recently discussed this topic.

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I'm mostly over at kitchens and don't check here much, but I just purchased glue down cork. Install is hopefully Friday! I did a ton of research, feel free to email me through my profile. I must have read the right things, I knew more than the sales rep and she told my GC to ask me if he had questions when he picked it up!

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