Yikes! Can't fine the Deed to the house!

sooeyMarch 1, 2003

Oh My Goodness...we can't fine the Deed to the house. We know it's here someplace, it could not have gone far, but we don't know what we have done with it. I'm sure we had it...didn't we? The house was paid in full when we bought it. We have checked the bank safe deposit box, our home file...we have misplaced it! What do we do? Can we get a copy of it? Yikes! Any help out there?


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I'm wondering the same thing, myself, Sooey!

OK, we need to RELAX, and think carefully...

But I'll be watching this thread... LOL!

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Don't worry. Just go to the registry of deeds in your city or county, and you can get a copy. The "official" deed means little or nothing, as long as the deed was correctly recorded.

When you sell or refinance, they'll never ask you for the original deed. They'll use a copy, or they'll just look it up at the registry. Any new owner will get a new deed.

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Oh Thank You Joann23456!
I'm so happy to hear this. We may, or may not fine the original and while I was sure that copies were at Town Hall or the Court House for the asking, that did not help my momentary panic this morning. Your response is of great help to me...WHEW...now I can enjoy the rest of the weekend. For a while on the Cape today, it felt like spring was about to pop.

Hope this helps you also, Chelone. Oh, happy birthday a few weeks late! I hope it was a good one for you. See you over on the New England Gardeing Forum! Think Spring.


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Would appreciate it if you would think spring for some of the rest of us, as well, if you like.

I thought that my ex- had better judgement: after all, she picked me, well over 40 years ago ... (and left, over 30 years ago).

Having retired in '96, an Iowa girl, she's gone in her motor home to the southern States from around Christmas till mid-March every year since.

But this year, she decided to stay here. Has been "enjoying" the heaviest winter that we've had in years. Snow after snow. Cold heaped upon cold - only a few spots above freezing through the whole month of January.

Oldtimers are calling it an "old-fashioned" winter.

We think that the groundhog must have been smokin' somethin', this year.

Winter can leave any time now.

Think spring.

Think spring.

ole joyful (wrapped in winter underwear) (but no longer going to work every cold, dark morning)

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Are you a meter reader, or involved in some work where you are addicted to "fine"ing people?

How do you "fine" a Deed to a Home???

joyful guy - learning every day - but still has a lot to learn

P.S. I didn't notice the mis-spell, either, first time around.

Sorry to be so trivial - but couldn't resist (have low threshold of self-control, on some issues). jg

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yeah, joyful, I've noticed that "low threshold of self-control"--it shows up when you have a chance to make a quip, doesn't it?

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I thinks Joyfulguy has been in the cold, dark winter waaay too long!!!

Spring! Spring! Spring!! Hurry up, already!

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Hi Talley Sue NYC,


ole joyful

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I realize this is an old post, but it doesn't hurt to be aware of what is available.

As long as the deed was recorded with your county recorder/clerk or whatever your county's agency is called, you can easily get a certified copy for very little cost. The article below spells it out very well and exposes the rip-off scams that seem to be multiplying.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deed Copy Rip-off

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It is an old thread, but not to old. We don't get deeds anymore and haven't in years. I have owned 4 homes and no deed, just loan papers stating paid in full. The court house has the records, safer there than with me. LOL

We have sold 5 properties and no deeds in those transactions either.

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We recently applied for a Home Equity Loan. Had to produce our deed. Went thru all our mortgage papers, including several refinances, but all I could find were bank papers and surveys and termite inspections. No deed. Drove to my county seat, about 70 miles. Got a certified copy for 75 cents (cost of copying). And we got the loan- woo hoo!

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70 Miles to the county seat? Wow!

Here in MD they are all online now, but we still get a certified copy about 4-6 weeks after settlement from the county clerk.

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Yes I think I could have got the Deed online also, but I just felt it was worth the 140 round trip drive to get that loan. We badly needed to replace the heating system in our house. That's why we needed that Home Eq Loan.

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The place issuing the HE loan should have been able to find the info on line that the property was clear. You might want to request after checkiing with the county to see if a release was ever granted. Also check your credit reports to see if any loans show as not being closed. Asking for the deed sets off alarm bells for me.

The Title Insurance which hopefully you paid to have when you purchased the property can be updated for a fee at most title companies. Too expensive unless to do a full one unless you are planning to sell but can save money if and when you go to sell the property.

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Here in PA a lot of the counties have the deeds online. When my Mom died we couldn't find her deed I went online and printed out a copy. Lawyer accepted it, after all, he could go online too, see it, or get it if he wanted to. All we needed to put in the Simple Search was first and last names and it comes up with everything ever borrowed against or paid off on the property. Didn't cost a penny.

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In one of our provinces, pretty soon all of those land transfer issues are going to be done only online, I'm told.

((Want to buy shares in the company that's one of the main online operators in that province??))

ole joyful

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