Wood stove pipe cleaning

cs6000May 17, 2010

Will be installing the pipe on the wood stove in new home today. From the stove to top of the pipe will be approx 27 feet. Our roof is a murderous 10/12 pitch. The pipe will also be about 8-9 ft high up there.

I've always brushed the pipe on our old home myself, had easy roof there.

My tentative plan for this is to unhook the telescoping pipe on the inside, where it attachs to the stove, and try to do it that way, which of course will be awfully messy. With our old stove, doing it every year, the soot was not too heavy, so I think it will be doable with good prep work.

Wondering if anyone has experience with this issue, and suggestions.

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My only suggestion is to make sure your life insurance is paid.

If you get up on the roof and fall, you could kill yourself.

If you take the pipe apart and make a huge mess in the house, your wife could kill you.

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Well, that IS a suggestion, at any rate.

Funnily, one of my wife's favorite jokes is about the two towels in the bathroom. One is for me to use if I want to dry my hands, the other if I want to get killed.

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My annual cleaning is only $85- for that I get cleaned and inspected with a chimney cam by the dealer that installed my system. Best money I spend all year- it is such a crucial element of our lives and the husband keeps his feet planted firmly (and safely) on the ground.

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