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MoolahJanuary 6, 2013

Has anyone heard of or purchased a sofa from It's a British sofa company that opened a location in NYC about a year ago. I'm in the market for a new quality sofa that won't burst the budget, but will last for years (or more than 5 years). I would like to spend about $2k or less. I don't know if it's possible to spend that amount or less and still purchase a quality sofa. Shopping for a sofa is turning out to be a massive endeavor.

To be honest, I'm confused by all this. I've had friends spend less than a $1k and others more than $5k and the best sofa wasn't always the most expensive. It's weird that a Pier 1 sofa and a Macy's sofa would hold up longer and better than some of the expensive ones.

Anyway, any thoughts on would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Moolah let me ask you a question why would you want your sofa to last as little as five years. A well built sofa with a solid construction story can last 30 years. On the high end a Hancock and Moore sofa for example might run as much as $5000. And leather will outlast fabric 4 to 1. Expect to pay in the $3000 to $4000 range. If you spend $2000 and the sofa last 5 years in 30 years you might be replacing it 6 times and you will have spent $12000 and up with inflation. The better sofa is actually a better investment.

As far as I did visit their website and they did have quite a few interesting well tailored styles and the site is very clever and they do have a great URL, They do talk about their cushions and I am sure the sofas sit well but they don't talk about how there furniture is made. They don't talk about frame construction or spring construction and there isn't any information about the leathers they offer. They don't tell you where the furniture is made. I was curious and called the store and their salesperson could not tell me about their spring construction and wasn't sure about their frame construction.

This isn't unusual I recently visited RH and they had a lot of beautiful styles. One was nicer than the next. I asked the salesperson what species of wood was used in their frame construction and was it a hardwood plywood or a solid hardwood frame. No-one in the store could answer these questions and told me someone from their customer service department would call me within two weeks. I never did get a call.

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Freethinker99 - Actually, I wouldn't want my sofa to last just five years. That would be insane. However from reading this forum and other websites, it seems that getting a sofa that lasts beyond 2 years is a cause for celebration and any sofa that's in good shape after 2 years will most likely last for at least several more years if not decades longer. Sorry, I didn't think you or anyone would take the 5 years literally. Given that I want a quality constructed product, I would have thought it would be inferred that I want something clearly built to last. Next time I won't specify 5 yrs. While I would love to pay $5k - $6K for a high-end sofa or even $3k, it's not in the budget. I would have to wait another several years before I could feel comfortable putting aside that much for a sofa, even though it is an investment. At this point, even $2k is a stretch.

At present I have a hand me down sofa that is past repair and just needs to be replaced. I grew up with sofas that were moderately priced back in the day but were built to last which my lucky siblings now own. From canvassing friends about their own sofas and doing online research, it seems to be almost a crap shot in terms of purchasing a moderately priced sofa that is sturdy and well-made (and not ugly) unless one is willing to pay $3k or more (though I've known ppl who paid that much and still ended up with a dud for a sofa). While I would like to be in the latter group, I'm not and I don't have the financial resources to pay that much right now or feel comfortable allotting more money to in the near future.

p.s. Freethinker99 - thank you so much for perusing the website and calling them directly. I was planning to go in person and ask them specific questions about construction after getting some responses from the members of Garden Web and doing further research. Actually, because of your post about RH, I'm now going to post another question about brands. Thanks, again!

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Moolah as a point of reference most sofas last 5-7 years. What you might look for rather than focusing on a particular brand is to focus on how the sofa is built, what type of frame is used, what type of springs and what type of cushions in addition to the tailoring being neat and the style and upholstery being attractive.

Another option check Craigs list sometimes you can find something that looks new with a top end quality for a fraction of the price.

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Freethinker99 - Thanks for the advice, but believe me I would have taken into account the construction of the sofa above all else. I only asked about brands, because it seemed a sensible thing to do. I don't think it's strange to ask for recommendations about good quality brands (and manufacturers) from people who've had recent experience purchasing a sofa. At the end of the day I would like to make an educated and researched purchase.

Unfortunately, Craigslist is not an option for several reasons. While I would like to use Craigslist, I'm not familiar with sofa manufacturers which is why I'm asking for advice and recs. Also, bed bugs are reason enough for me to pay for something new rather than for a used bargain. Yes, I know I might be overly cautious, but I've known ppl who've had bed bugs and their experiences are enough to make me willing to pay more for new than take a risk and save on a bargain.

Thank you for letting me know that most sofas last 5-7 yrs. From my experience and that of ppl I know, their sofas seem to fall into 2 camps - 2-3 years or more than a decade. I know two ppl who purchased sofas from Macy's and Pier 1 which are still in great shape a decade later and counting and another friend who spent more than $5k on a sofa that looks ready for the dumpster after 2 yrs. My 2 friends who made the inexpensive purchases were very lucky, though it seems standards have really slipped since their purchases. I completely agree that construction is important, especially given the experience of my friend who made the expensive sofa mistake. It's a beautiful sofa from afar, but it's not holding up at all.

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We just got rid of a sofa that we had for over 15 years. And the frame was in fine shape-- it just needed reupholstering.

I live right outside of NYC and we bought 3 couches in the last year for the house we just moved into. Two were above your stated budget (Stickley. Great quality, but pricey). But the third one was from Carolina Chair. I was a little reluctant to buy a sofa sight unseen via the internet, but took a chance anyway based on positive things I'd read online. It turned out that not only were the Carolina Chair people great to deal with, but the quality of the sofa was amazing for the price (kiln-dried frame, 8-way tied springs, etc.). They only sell direct to the consumer and only have an online presence, so they can afford to sell for a fraction of what similar quality would cost in a furniture store. We paid well under $2k for ours. They have limited styles, so of course it all depends on whether they have a style that fits your tastes/needs, but IMO the quality is miles above what I saw at C&B, Macys and similar. No, I don't work for Carolina Chair, but living in the NY area I know what it's like to try to find something of quality within a certain budget when most of your choices are large chain stores.

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sas95 - Thanks so much for the advice and for understanding my situation. When it comes to food and entertainment, NYC is the best, but when it comes to affordable apartments and furniture there's too few choices in the middle. I will definitely check out Carolina Chair. Hopefully, they will have something I like.

Thanks, again!

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Discovered this question today and saw that the last comment was over a year ago. I'm very interested in and wondered if anyone has had a more recent experience with the company and the products and could add their thoughts to the chain.

I'd especially like to hear from those who actually ordered sofas from and could comment on their level of satisfaction with the product. All the reviews look excellent without the wildly swinging high and low opinions of many other makers that create wariness and lack of trust.

Thanks in advance for sharing as I am eager to hear your stories!

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