Hardwood pellets or Softwood pellets?

rickie2009May 8, 2009

I have Heated for 3 seasons with a Pellet Stove. I purchassed a Breckwell Big E Furnace.Its a big stove and the reason I got it is because it will hold 3 40lb bags of Pellets. I live about 1 hour from Canada. The first 2 seasons I got hardwood pellets that were made from Oak, Cherry, and Maple. This year I got 4 tons of softwood pellets that are made from Pine and Spruce. The hardwood pellets seem to be Heavier than the softwood ones.My Stove has a Damper on the side so you can adjust the air flow to the burn Pot. With the Hardwood pellets I had the damper half open. I found with the softwood pellets I had to close the damper down as it seems to blow the softwood pellets out of the burnpot. I find less cleaning with softwood pellets and they seem to burn hotter.4 tons of pellets and 200 gal of oil to heat a 3000 sq ft house at 74 degrees for the whole season. I like it warm. If you want a Great heater check out Breckwell.

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Softwood pellets actaully have more BTU's per pound - cedar and fir mix being about the highest you can find.

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