Building New home - Fireplace questions

napavinesMay 2, 2010


I am building a new home in Northern California.

I would like to have a modern propane linear fireplace with glass or rock base (no logs). Ideally it would be 6ft plus long with a narrow opening (18" or so) and no glass doors. I am in California so am not sure that is viable for Title 24 reasons . . . .

There are some manufactures like "spark" but are very expensive $5k+

This company below - moderrustic - supplies linear propane burners and could do a 6 ft one for under $1000. I just wonder whether we could build a firebox and stainless steel flue for this . . .

Any help or guidance would be appreciated....

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How airtight is your new house? The Spark and equivalents are direct vent and get outside air from the outer pipe in the chimney. The glass front seal the combustion chamber, so no combusiton gasses escape.

The examples on modernrustic all appear to not be direct vent and I would worry about getting enough combustion air for a big burner in tight new construction.

I think I would call moderrustic and ask them and check with a local fireplace builder to see what they think.

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Did you ever get this resolved? We are in the exact same situation now and wondered what you ended up doing?

Thank you.

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