Looking for the 'thinnest' slim gas fireplace on the market

shermpMay 9, 2010

We cannot bump out the external wall so we are trying to save as much space as possible inside a small living room.

Can anyone recommend a brand that makes a very slim line?

The fireplace will be on the smaller size as well. (a width of 20 something inches)

Thank you!

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I assume you mean a prefabricated fireplace. The wood burning ones are likely to be deeper than gas fired ones.

The web is probably the best way to find what you are looking for. Go go Google.com or to Bing.com and type into the search box any word or phrase that likely captures the thing you are looking for. You might have to try several different words or terms. There is a trial and error process with this until you find what your need. But eventually you will access more web sites than you need or imagined in your wildest dreams existed.

You might also want to consider an alternative to a fireplace. There are manufacturers of small gas stoves that are installed directly against a wall. They are described as "zero clearance" which means that that you do not have to surround them with noncombustible material. Some of these stoves are quite attractive, but a different style from a fireplace.

There's a lot of stuff out there. Happy hunting.

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If you want a direct vent gas versus wood burning, the the Napoleon GT8 might work - only needs 7" of depth.

As they get wider, they also get deeper - their larger models needs around 17" of depth.


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BGD 34 will work for you, its very thin, thats what I got, putting in a corent, shell dept is 13.5" to put it in.

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Thank you. I'll check out the Napoleaons.

We are also considering Heat and Glo Slim line.

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Any progress on the thin fireplace? Although it's a unique idea, I'm a bit too traditional to go for the single flame unit. Wonder if it actually puts out any heat!

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Middle of the summer, who reads "firplaces" at this time of year?

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