recourse? sectional found at COSTCO for half price!

garbo108January 13, 2011

I purchased a Lane Express sectional at a large furniture store in NJ in November 2010. This week I went into COSTCO and found the same sectional for half the price! The store claims the COSTCO sectional is smaller (it isn't - the Lane website gives the same dimensions as Costco) they also claim the fabric is a lower grade quality (but it appears to be the exact same color and type of fabric as what I have.) They will take it back for a 30% restocking fee and give me a $200.00 gift certificate. Does anyone know if I have any recourse or how I go about arguing with them or of they are telling the truth??

I would very much appreciate your opinions advice! Thank you!

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I'm sorry to hear that. I just bought a Lane reclining sectional at costco and am trying to figure out what type of coffee table I can get to go with it. We have a small area so we can't use end tables and I don't know what type of coffee table will go well when the recliners are open at both ends. Any ideas? What type of table did you use?
I would go back to the furniture store, speak to the head honcho, beg, plead and threaten to expose them if they are not willing to at least match the price of Costco or a least come close.

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I don't know what truth you are looking for? the truth is that you purchased a sectional when you needed it, based on the knowledge you had and at the price you agreed. What kind of recourse do you expect to have?

For what would you "expose" them? On what ground?

If you find Costco charges twice as much, would you go back to the furniture store pay them additional amount?

American consumers are really getting ridiculous!

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Agree with azmom. You didn't have to buy the furniture you bought, but you did so the price must have been okay with you. The fact that a wholesale club sells the same item cheaper is not relevant. If you wanted the best price you should have shopped around. Stores can put whatever price they wish on the pproducts they sell. If you want the best deal it is up to you to find it.

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LilFlowers MJLN

Don't you know that the cost of furniture is 150% of the cost that the furniture store actually pays for it. It's the highest appreciation ratio out of everything you buy including a vehicle. That is why when you go to the furniture store you can talk them down to the price that you want. I mean I wouldn't go to Walmart and ask why their product is more than the same item at Target or Toys r us. I just would buy it where it was cheaper. It's almost like going to the mall and buying a shirt that is overpriced then go to TJMaxx where it is extremely lower priced. Research before you buy. It's the best thing that you can do.

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What does your paperwork from the store say about its return policy--30 days and you pay the pick-up shipping costs plus a restocking fee? That'd probably be your only recourse (and then you could've bought the Costco set), but it's likely the retailer would've said it was used too long or looked for damage, and that restocking fee is a chunk of change. Unfortunately, I don't see you recouping any of your money.

Costco made a deal with Lane to purchase a large quantity at a cheaper price. Costco has bargaining power. You don't. There are not a lot of stores today that will price-match for one shopper. And I frequently see this line in sales ads: "No price adjustments for previously-purchased merchandise."

You couldn't have known that it'd show up cheaper down the line, and I understand the frustration at seeing it half-price elsewhere. And I'm sure you shopped around before buying it, looking at other styles and their costs, right? And you still like what you chose? Just enjoy it, then. Eventually the buyer's remorse will die down.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis

It would be neat to take a cushion from your sectional into Costco just to compare.

Sometimes stores are worth the additional costs for a large purchase. My most recent experience was converting my Lincoln from air ride to springs. Mind you, I turn a few wrenches but I did not want to go to the salvage yard and buy 1/2 a Thunderbird suspension so I could swap it onto my car and see if it worked with T-bird springs. SO, I bought a kit. Sure now that I know what the individual parts are I could have saved a few dollars piecing it together but boy it was easy and more than worth $50 to know I was getting the right parts the first time.

How does this apply to furniture? If the furniture store you purchased from had employees to educate you on the different products and help you make the right decision they earned their money. Leather, bonded leather, microfiber, stain guard, do you have kids to make an extended warranty worth the cost? How high is the seating surface? Are you too short for that deep seated modular sectional? Did they deliver and set it up for you on time? Did they charge you a membership fee just to get in?

Buying from Costco can save you money if you are expert enough to know exactly what you need and spot bad products. Hopefully the store you bought from earned their keep.

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You don't really have a recourse. The fact the store is willing to take the unit back with a restocking fee and give you a gift certificate is a lot more than I think is reasonable for you to expect.
You bought furniture from a local, full-service furniture store. They likely delivered it, set it up, and took the packaging away. I assume you were happy with it, and with the price paid, for the first two months.
Now, Costco has a similar--possibly the same--sofa for much less. So what? They don't normally provide delivery and setup; they don't offer the same set of options, etc. And you've had two months of use of the furniture already.

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I don't think the large furniture store owes you anything.

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