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PwdrhdutMay 19, 2005

I have a friend that has a VERY nice, almost new woodstove in his garage I want to put in my livingroom remodel plan. But he doesn't have any of the orginal information on it.

It is a Woodsman, 31" square with a two level top. I've searched on the internet for Woodsman's Wood Stove's and I'm not finding anything.

Local codes seem to be a secret as I can't pull them up on the internet either.

How do I find out how far from the walls, distance in front etc? I'm doing hearth construction myself and probably the stovepipe also as Home Depot has straightforward kits (altho I may have a roofer do that part so I don't destory my new ceiling).

Any advice?



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I Googled Woodsman wood stove and came up with a bunch of relevant hits.

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I googled "Woodsman Wood Stove" and get zero hits. Without quotations I only get hits about various Woodsman and they have a wood stove. Or a Woodsman Ice shack woodstove. Did you search a different phrase? If you find any relevant ones please forward them to me!


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Where did he originally buy it? The store should be able to provide you with manufacturer info.

If nothing else there should be steel tags attached that will tell you the manufacturer, make, model, BTU range, and manufacture date.

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It was already installed in the house when he bought it. Alot of the things installed in the house were installed rather poorly. One of the reasons he removed it. Also no manuals or information came with the house.

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No id tags either? If you can get those and find a good fireplace store in the area, you can probably get the info you need, or at least a good lead.

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If there are no tags on the unit, it must be treated as an older, non-EPA compliant stove (pre-1990).

36 inches clearance, probably uses 8 in. pipe.

The installation will cost you much more that the stove is worth. I'm sure that you can find a book on, but I would suggest having a licensed woodstove installer do it instead. The small additional charge to have it installed correctly is way worth it. I would also look into the cost of a new stove with installation vs what it would cost to install this one. You may be surprised at how close the bottom line will be. If that is the case, obviously go with a new stove.

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Does your stove have double wall insulated stove pipe? There are basic installation instructions that you could google metalbestos pipe installation instructions. What size flue does that woodsman stove have?

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Hey Chad, thanks for the info. I'm not worried about the stovepipe. Lowe's actually has very good info on stovepipe installation and doublewall vs single wall construction and distances from the wall etc. That part will be relatively easy.

My questions is knowing how far the stove needs to be from the wall, how much non combustable area needs to be in front of it etc. Looking at new stoves, this seemed to be very stove specfic.

I'd hate to spend $1000 plus just because I can't find out how far a free stove has to be from the wall....

In the meantime, this tongue and groove ceiling is really kicking me in the butt!

Thanks for your help!

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I already told you how far it needs to be: 36 inches.

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I am looking for any information on the woodsman wood stoves who is the manufacturer and were can I buy one

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