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michoumonsterApril 24, 2011

Hi, I got a quote from my GC for our new construction. We also want to have 3 gas direct vent fireplaces. the quote for those comes to $17,500 for install and just the fireplace insert. I have to buy mantles and install them separately. Is this a reasonable quote? we did not specify what brand of fireplace we want, so I want to make sure I get a quality one and not any cheap fake-looking ones. Can you recommend particular brands or models? what shoudl we look for in selecting a gas fireplace? thanks very much!

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This is more than a little high if it really is just for the insert: you could get three top of the line Avalon gas inserts with installation in pre-existing fireplaces for around $12K, and most alternatives will be less. I suspect that you mean more than just the insert: In new construction, you are going to have to build a code legal "box" and chimney in which to insert your gas fireplaces. It sounds like what you are really doing is putting in three gas zero-clearance fireplaces. To do all the work for that is easily $17.5K for three fireplaces, depending on size and quality.


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Hi Will, i just found out that the quote is just for 2 fireplaces (the contractor forgot to add in the third one). it is new construction, so i suppose that he would have to build a firebox and do gas lines plus purchase the direct vent gas fireplaces. no specification on quality of the fireplace.

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