Sisal carpet on Stairs

mdriveJanuary 29, 2012

Hi everyone...I'm considering using a sisal carpet on my stairs to our finished lower level...I was just wondering if anyone here has used sisal on stairs and how well they like it....and if the glue down installation presented any issues...

the sisal I am considering is actually a synthetic of 100% nylon (samples on order)

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That is not sisal.

That is a textured patterned nylon.

Sisal is a natural product, a grass.

Gluedown on stairs is a pain in the arse!! That's an issue with the installer!

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obviously i realize it is not 'natural' is a synthetic which looks remarkably like the real thing...waiting for my samples to be sure...

i had a glued down carpet (commercial in an office space we own) and while i cannot speak to what a 'pain in the arse' it was to install, it has held up beautifully (15 years) was however commercial grade carpet, not a 'sisal' replication, so i'm wondering about the durability of sisal (natural or synthetic) and what issues there might be with installation for this particular type of material..

but thanks for you response anyway

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It will wear fast, depending on the traffic.

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i just rec'd my samples and the synthetic sisal carpet is amazingly dense, frankly it looks like it will wear like iron, you cannot pull it to stretch it at all...and it looks remarkably like sisal...i'm going to check a local carpet company and see if they have anything similar, depending on what i choose, i will post pictures of it after being installed

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Sophie Wheeler

You'll be back withing 3 years complaining about how worn and awful it looks and how badly it has worn. Stairs should never be done with gluedown.

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i've got stairs in my office with glue down (commercial) carpet that looks great after 15 years....

i guess my installer was a genius!

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I just went out to your link, and I think it's very nice looking. What color are you considering?

When you do a glue down, does that mean there isn't a pad?

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hi eliza....

actually, I went to a local flooring company and found a different piece of flooring (from the same manufacturer as the sisal i originally linked) made of 50% wool/50% alpaca....which i think will work better for me.....this particular type on carpet, it is recommended you use a pad...I'm getting a thin felt pad and using the cap and band method of installation...

i haven't ordered it yet, as I plan to go to a couple more distributors, but assuming i don't see something else i like better, this is the way I plan to go...

Here is a link that might be useful: wool/alpaca carpet for stairs

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So, did you choose yet? The wool/alpaca sounds nice.

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