fireplace remodel of lava rock

Marla24April 1, 2005

We want to change our 70's lava rock fireplace that is huge, floor to vaulted ceiling. I would like to cover it to make it smooth, it is very irregular unlike brick which other members have talked about covering and nailing the sheet rock to the brick. Has anyone ever removed the rock and just built a frame to attach the sheet rock to? Any other ideas? Would the wire and smooth stucco proceedure work better instead of taking all the rock down and building a frame? There is also a raised hearth out of the rock.

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I don't think it would be practical to try to cover the lava will end up with a surface that sticks way out in relation to the firebox. The best thing to do is remove the lava rock and go from there. It's hard to say how to rebuild it without knowing what's under the rock and how much of it will survive the removal.

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Hello Marla24,

Did you ever remodel your lava rock fireplace and if so, was it very difficult? We have the same type of fireplace and want to get rid of the lava and replace with stacked stone.

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