Winter of 2009-10: No Problem

coffeehausApril 13, 2010

I just wanted to give some feedback on our first winter with our Jotul Oslo woodstove after a particularly long winter in a new house. In a word...fabulous! While my co-workers were complaining about $400-600 electrical bills, we were looking at $75-100 in January and February with the Jotul as our only source of heat for our first floor of a 2400 sf house with geothermal backup. The stove is efficient, good looking, and easy to operate. Our only negative comment is that sometimes we have to open the ash drawer to get a good draw, but once the fire is established, it's no problem. The new house includes a fresh air intake, as we built a very "tight" abode. The surrounding hearth is rather large, but our aim was for a "heat sink" of stone that would serve to store some of that lovely wood burning heat. Cats liked it, too!

From Winter 2009-10

Thanks to all on THS/GardenWeb for the info on woodstoves and fireplaces!

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Thanks for sharing your good experience. Beautiful stove and hearth. Should be okay for a long, long time.

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That stove should give you many years of enjoyment and savings. Nothing is better than not worrying about paying another bill.

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The installation loks great! And yes, the stone will absorb the heat and generate it after the stove cools, meaning less wood used.

And I think you found out that NOTHING heats like wood! It warms you from the inside out.

And during a blizzard, when the power goes out, you sit in front of the fire, and don't care when the power comes back!

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For sure the wood heat is wonderful! And when there is nothing worth watching on TV, we would just sit and watch the fire and talk or listen to some music. I almost wish it was cold again! It was my form of meditation during the cold months. I spent many an evening feeling somewhat guilty, wearing a T-shirt in January because it was 72 degrees in our house. DH would add a few logs before we went to bed, and in the morning, we still had enough coals to start another couple of logs to get going for the day. With the stone hearth surround to store the heat, the house was still warm in the mornings. The wood may bring a little dirt (and Asian stink bugs!) inside the house, but it sure beats writing a check for hundreds of $$ every month.

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