Flexsteel Latitudes Dylan group

playfishJanuary 2, 2008

I'm considering buying this group (from a local retailer) for my living area. Does anyone have any input on whether this is a good quality set? Below is a link to the pic of the sofa and chair. The pieces I'm purchasing are all reclining.

The Flexsteel website does not have this group, that I could find, listed on their website. They do have some stationary pieces named Rathbone that look almost identical. It is possible that the group I'm considering is being discontinued?


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Here is another link that shows a closeup of the sofa piece.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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The "Latitudes" group is Flexsteel's "Made in China" product line. I've sold one set of it to a customer that asked me to get it for him. I was unimpressed with the quality and construction. I hate to say that being a Flexsteel dealer, but I won't floor it or encourage anyone to order the Latitudes product line.

However, I'm pretty spoiled with handling leather lines like Hancock and Moore, so it may be perfectly acceptable within its given price point to those with a less critical eye.

-Duane Collie

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Duane, just curious as to how much Hancock and Moore runs in price?


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Quoting prices here on the list is a TOS violation for me, so I can't do that, sorry. Probably double as a very general guideline.

Duane Collie

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Sorry, I was just asking price in general, not an actual quote. The Dylan is $1900 for the sofa and $1300 for the reclining chair. That is the limit in my budget for seating. The Hancock and Moore is definitely out of reach if it's double. Are there some other brands to consider in my price range? Anyone? :-)


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I purchased the Flexsteel Dylan furniture, the sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. ( not the reclining group) It was delivered last week and I love it. It is very comfortable, and excellent quality. I'am sure you will be happy with it if you decide to purchase.

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Duane (or anyone else with knowledge),
Could you please let everyone know the differences you observed between the Flexsteel (domestic) and Flexsteel Latitudes lines in terms of quality/construction? I too was interested in the Latitudes Dylan group. Now hearing that it is made completely in China I would like to find a retailer that has domestic Flexsteel on display. I am in the Washington, DC area. Anyone know of a store that would have them?

Thanks in advance to all.

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We stumbled upon this forum/thread while searching for reviews on the Flexsteel Latitudes line. We are in the same situation as the OP and would really appreciate any more input/feedback on this line. We came across it after about 15 stores here in Las Vegas and it's the living room set that we like the most. It's also around the price point that was mentioned earlier in this thread.

So if Duane or anyone else could chime in and give more feedback (either as an owner of this furniture or as a dealer, comparing it to comparable other lines/brands), that would really help us out.

Thank you,

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I can't comment on Flexsteel Latitudes specifically because I purchased two Flexsteel Domestic (made in the good 'ole USA!) -Chicago group- reclining sofas. My sofas are fantastic. Excellent craftmanship and I believe will last for many years to come. During my research I did find several reviews of the Latitudes (made overseas) stating the quality was not as good as the Domestic collections. One local furniture store manager told me that the quality of the Latitudes collections was so bad (many returns for brokens pieces) that he no longer allowed them to be carried/ordered from his store. Take that with a grain of salt though, as I too looked at the Latitudes collection in a store and it seemed like a really nice, well-built piece of furniture to me. Personally, I was willing to spend a few more dollars to support our country's dying furniture industry. Interestingly enough, right as I was placing my order Flexsteel announced a plant closure or two in the U.S. My furniture was delievered right on time though, it took the two months that was quoted to me when I ordered it.
Good luck with your purchase, whatever it may be!

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I have recently purchased the Dylan Reclining Sofa from Donna's Interiors, and I love it! I have had a leather flexsteel recliner since 1985 and it's in great shape. I did not purchase it from Donna's Interiors in Arroyo Grande but they did fix the mechanism for me. After their excellent customer service I decided to buy more furniture from them and really liked the Dylan group for our game room. We've had it over a year and it's still in great shape...wouldn't of wanted anything else!

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I'm looking for more information on the Dylan group by Flexsteel. If anyone has purchased this group (reclining or stationary) I would very much like to know your experience with it. You can email me at roy.watts at gmail dot com and share your experiences with this product. I've read where it is made in China but I'd like to know if anyone has had any issues with this collection.
Thank you for your information in advance.

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I purchased the Leather Recliner/Rocker in the Dylan Flexsteel group. Various complaints & praises have been voiced. I am a VERY critical person when it comes to furniture....but in this case, I have never sat in any recliner that is close to being this comfortable!! It is built real solid, it has a great "leather" aroma. The leather is beautiful!! I was watching my son's dog while he was out of town. The dog is large & has long nails, and wouldn't you know it....she jumped up in my recliner. I expected to see large scratch marks, but to my surprise there was NO marks. I have used my fingernails while shopping for a recliner, & they all marked way too easily. In summary, this recliner is fabulous!!!!

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I am considering a Flexsteel Dylan collection also. My husband wants a recliner sofa but there is not a chaise recliner sofa - just a reclining sofa. It didn't seem as soft and comfortable as the stationary sofa or the rocking chaise recliner. Has anyone purchased the recliner sofa and loveseat and if so did you like it?

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My husband and I are shopping for leather reclining sofa. Our store retailer recommended the Dylan 1127-620 chaise (2 seater sofa). However, Flexsteel is doing some re-organization of retailers in Rochester, NY, which I can't find anyone who carries this couch. We would like to try out before we buy. Does anyone have any info? Also, we checked out Palliser. My husband check out the framework to see how it was built from this manufacturer, and we were very disappointed. It wasn't even solid, heavy frame.

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This furniture is horrible!!! We purchaed a set 2.4.10 and it now (12.13) looks like it is a least 10yrs old. We contacted the dealer (HiLife Furn of ABA) and Flexstell and their only offer was additional stuffing and recommended we purchase a leather resoration kit!!!! The set (2pcs) cost $3420...Currently we have initiated a complaint w/the BBB...depending on the outcome we may entertain a small claims suit in court. We are an older couple with only the occasional visit from grandkids. We applaud the one dealer on here who stated they would no longer carry the Flexsteel line due to the lack of quality....BRAVO!

Here is a link that might be useful: Flexsteel Furniture Piece

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Sandemstock I am surprised to hear what you are saying. I know many retailers who swear by the product and several that have Flexsteel Galleries. Perhaps the problem lies not necessarily in their product taken as a whole but in their attention to a problem when one occurs.

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