Harman p38 esp probe thermister problems!!

pelletzzzApril 23, 2013

SO my pellet stove is acting up...
I had replaced my old esp probe with a new one and that seemed to help the problem although not 100%
Right now it randomly shuts off the feed rate is not adjustable and the blower fan comes on randomly not when the stove is hot.
I have found that moving around the probe activates the stove.
More specifically when the probe touches a piece of metal on the stove it starts feeding pellets.
I confirmed this but removing it and touching grd in a receptacle.
The question is can this be the probe failing where its internal insulation broke down so that its touching the probe casing itself thus causing malfunctions to the stove.
Whenever I tighten the probe all the way in its respectful location the stove shuts off completely.

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Moving down the page,

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Still havent resolved this problem. Sent the esp probe to harman they wouldnt credit me since it was after 3 months.!!
not sure what the problem is with it but heating season is almost here and i need to fix the stove.

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