Gas Stove for Fake Fireplace?

lafilmfanApril 29, 2005

Hey everyone, my apartment was built in 1930 and has a fake fireplace. I believe what was in there before was a small gas heater of some kind. It probably gave off some heat and the gas line is still there, but there is nothing else there now.

What I'd really like to do is to put a gas stove in that space that is really more like a heater (though it looks like a stove). It would have to be zero clearance, and direct vent (for safety reasons). It would probably have to be relatively small as well. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I don't really care about the gas logs and flame stuff. It's fine if it's included but I'd almost rather just have an old fashioned looking gas stove/heater style in there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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If you truly have a "fake fireplace" then you cannot use it to install ANYTHING including gas logs or a gas insert. It would need to be torn out and you would have to install either a gas fireplace or a freestanding gas stove. Don't take it literally when it says "zero clearance". Everything needs some kind of clearance.

You need to have a tech from a stove shop come out and take a look at the situation before you can even see what choices you may or may not have.

I used a freestanding gas stove as the sole source of heat in my home and I loved it. Many people thought it was burning wood it looked so realistic.

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Okay, I'm reviving this because I still have the same question/issue. Yes, I realize that I would have to tear up the fake fireplace (in some way)to put it in a gas stove, but that's no big deal, just time or money.

But I certainly can't find a "stove shop" in Long Beach, California. Heck, I've never even heard of one. This would just be the main heater for the apartment for the 60 or so days a year that you'd want to have some extra warmth. Speaking of which, what I'd REALLY like is a stove that is also an air conditioner, but I'm pretty sure those haven't been invented yet. ;-)

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