i want a fireplace in my sunroom

clodomomApril 24, 2011


I have a sunroom off the living room. Our home is a split level and the sunroom is on the ground floor with all glass sliding doors on all three walls. Can I add a fireplace to a wall of glass sliding doors? Would a zero clearance fireplace work? Would this involve alot of $$$ work? Are there any other cheaper options that might work?

And about how much can I expect it to cost. I live in Delaware.

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This may not work for you but here you go...In our recently sold house I lost my fireplace to DH's massive tv when we were building. A couple years ago I added a biofuel fireplace to a built in that used to house a built-in saltwater fish tank. I modified the built-in with tile on the cabinet top and added glass shelves.
Anyways, I purchased a biofuel fireplace from lagunawaterworks.com. It was going to be very expensive to add a regular fireplace and gas lines. These units are self contained and run off biofuel that you pour into them. I had a wonderful fireplace for less than $1000. Plus the government was running a 30% tax rebate for buying a biofuel fireplace.

Bio fuel fireplaces are used alot in Europe and are realatively new here in the states. With them, you can add a fireplace just about anywhere. Mine gave off great heat, nice flame and had about a 4 hour burn time with one fill.

I included the link below to the biofuel fireplaces. There are many shapes and sizes.

Here is a link that might be useful: biofuel fireplaces

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Thanks! They look really neat and contemporary!

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