Calligaris Furniture - Opinions, please?

NeverdoneJanuary 17, 2006

Hi all - I've been living over in the kitchen forum for quite a while, and am now moving to other areas of the house. Hopefully someone can help me!

DH and I are looking at a Calligaris dining table and chairs. I haven't seen any mention of them when doing a search.

Our home is contemporary, but most dining sets we have found are very high cost or very cheap. Calligaris seems like a more middle of the road set. I should mention that this is for a vacation home, so it doesn't need to be super durable, but I don't want "junk" either.

Does anyone have an opinion on Calligaris dining sets?

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one of my friends has a calligaris table (adn I think chairs) in her house-- it looks great (Italian Modern), works great (it's sort of a flip top style) and it was a great price from what I recall for the style and durability-- she's had it for 6+ years, loves to entertain, etc., and it still looks, if not quite new, then say 6 months old.

We almost bought one ourselves, but ended up going in a totally different direction-- but I was very impressed when I checked them out. Looked like italian modern without the price but with the high style and durability.

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kate -

Thanks so much for your response. It is good to hear that her table appears to be of decent quality and price. The one we are considering is coffee glass with pull up extensions on both ends.

I was really surprised more people dont have opinions or experience with Calligaris. I have seen them widely advertised in Metropolitan Home and possibly Dwell.

Anyone else have feedback on Calligaris??

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We bought the Modern table with Asia chairs about a year ago. I think it's very well made and still looks brand new. We were able to check out the furniture in person so we knew we liked the style and the workmanship. I think it's a great choice if you're looking for a contemporary dining set.

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I am considering a Calligaris table in wenge. I saw a few styles today at a local store and they look really nice.

My only concern is that at least one of the sizes I was interested in was made of wood veneer. I'm not sure if this is standard for tables (especially one that costs $1900.) And I'm not sure if they are all made of veneers.
With 2 kids, I would prefer solid wood.

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tilapia - So glad to hear you table and chairs are holding up well for you! We are also looking at the Asia chair with removable seat covers. I really like the idea of being able to change mine if I want to. Are yours removable? Do they tend to shift on you over time?

time2go - The table we are looking at (can't remember the name) has a "coffee" glass top and wenge legs. It seems that alot of contemporary dining tables are either glass or veneer, although I am in no way an expert on this! We saw a few at House of Denmark, but I think they were teak(?) Maybe someone else will pipe up about the durability of veneer.

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I love my Calligaris table and chairs. The glass has gotten a couple of scratches, but I would still buy it again.

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Calligaris has to the best dining furniture manufacturer i've ever seen. The quality of these is the best for the money. I have the enterprise table in Beech, and it exceeds my expectations. I got mine from Jensen-Lewis and I couldn't be happier.

As far as it being a veneer, thats the standard these days. It's a thicker veneer than most companies use and it has a matte resin finish over it for durability. Solid wood won't even be solid, it will be a blockboard glued and shaped and will be 10x as much. On top of that, it will be prone to warping and cracking like many solids do.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jensen Lewis

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I am also looking at calligaris.

nyc-er: how is your veneer holding up? For instance, do you need to use coasters for beverages, or can the veneer hold up to the 'sweat' from a glass of water, or a bit of red wine that spilled on the table the night before, and you forgot to wipe it up...Or your teenagers decided to drink some coke, and didn't pay attention to the mess it made all over your nice, new table! Uugghh!! Sorry, venting! Or is glass the better way to go?

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I have a Calligaris Dining set -- it's very nice. My set is similar to BonTon, Wenge legs and support for a glass top. It's a fantastic size for my house and the doubled top allows us to go from seating for six to ten. We also have the extra Wenge folding chairs for the dining room; and dark-brown leather chairs for the regular seating.

We've had the set for maybe about two years and it's held up great; it's our only table so we eat on it every night. The wood is solid, not veneers on any of the pieces (table, nor chairs).

I highly recommend Calligaris dining furniture.

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I found the Pine Oak Furniture website which stocks a great range of Calligaris Furniture including Dining Room tables. I particularly like the Avantgarde Fixed Table which I really like. I bought a set of Calligaris Wind Chairs to go with it which look great.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calligaris Furniture

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Calligaris is a fine product.

I saw something earlier in the thread that needs rebuttal:

Solid wood won't even be solid, it will be a blockboard glued and shaped and will be 10x as much.

That is the DEFINITION of solid wood. You want a table 36" x 60" made of one piece of wood? Go out and find a tree 36" wide first. Actually 48" wide because all the bark and sapwood has to be stripped away.

On top of that, it will be prone to warping and cracking like many solids do.

Not if its made and cared for properly. Put veneer in direct sunlight and it can crack all over.

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I know it's been awhile, just wondering if you are still happy with your Calligaris dining furniture. I'm ready to purchase one and would greatly appreciate an update.

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