HELP! Lopi Greenfield gas Fireplace issue Flame out

211TravisApril 30, 2013

I have a Lopi Greenfield gas Fireplace that is driving us crazy. It is brand new and seemed to run for one day then it won't work. It starts up and has a flame and then the flame sarts shrinking and then eventually goes out after about 20-30 seconds. We swapped modules, hood clip, added ground wire, move air shutter vent, and maybe a few more things I forgetting. The delaer came out the other day and tried everything and we only could get to run if we cracked the door open ever so slightly to allow more air. Once it get warm inside it runs fine and can switch on and off as long as hot. Let it coll and it flames out. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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You have a brand new unit, it's under full warranty I'm sure. Time for the dealer to swap it out and install another new unit. Demand it. He isn't going to lose out as he is going to after his supplier make him whole.

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