To have one or not to have one~~~~

phoggieApril 22, 2012

that is my question.

I absolutely hate a draft~~~and although gas fireplaces are supposed to be sealed, I always feel they are drafty. How can this be prevented?...or I may not put one in when I build again.

Does it make any difference if they are direct vented to the outside wall or up a chimney?

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I have a question, if they are sealed how do you feel the draft? Are you certain you feel a draft? Have you tried a piece of paper or a balloon and try to figure out if there is a draft and where it's coming from? You can also light a match, carefully, and blow it out and look at with the smoke goes. You can also call and people that will actually look at the thermodynamics of the room and where heat might be escaping and where some cold here air might be coming in.

In theory the only draft is the one that comes from the carbon dioxide being burnt off of the gas then vented to be outside, however it's pulling fresh oxygen into the fire. Normally if there is no fire this is closed because without heat the vent does not open. Without burning no oxygen is pulled. The front of the gas fireplace is normally sealed properly with glass. So if the fireplace is off in theory there should be no draft whatsoever.

When fireplaces burns the gas and the oxygen is being pulled from outside of the room or inside to warm it up ( depending on the model of fireplace ), then there will be a movement of air as a heat rises to the top of the room and cold air comes in from other sources to be warmed up. That is normal and cannot be avoided easily.

Otherwise either this seal is bad or there is a possibility that the intake for oxygen is from inside the house rather than somewhere else. It is possible there is a different design for this fireplace also, so you need to check what design the fireplace is and how it is being used by the manufacturer.

Just because one fireplace works and was installed one way in a certain house and somebody is familiar with it, doesn't mean that the fireplace will work in another house the same way, or that you don't have a different design.

So my advice is to find out what design you, and what mode l and makes it is, and then go to the manufacturer and ask the technician nicely with a good conversation and find out in detail how the fire place will work and how it should be installed in your house, and then find somebody to install it that certain way.

I hope that helps and if there's any mistakes please forgive me because I'm using voice dictation,


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