Gas fireplace flame~~

phoggieApril 11, 2009

We presently have a Lennox gas fireplace, but eventhough we turn the flame to "hi", it just does not burn up as high as I would like.....want it more "life-like"..

What kind do you have that has a good flame? Thanks.

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I assume you have vented gas logs, which are okay for atmosphere, but not very efficient at producing heat.

If you have unvented, I would say, get rid of it. They are a significant safety hazard and, in my opinion, should be outlawed. And they are outlawed in many municipalities, especially if used in a sleeping room.

If yours is vented, and your primary interest is in producing a really vivid dancing flame, and heating the room is not the primary consideration, you should look into the Eiklor brand. They located in Chicago, I believe. Before we bought our direct-vent system, we shopped around and found that the Eiklor logs produced the BIGGEST dancing flames, really beautiful. We decided to go with a direct vent system because we wanted a highly efficient system that would produce some serious heat for the times when we have a power outtage during an ice storm.

(But you should do that only after making sure that you are getting the most from your present system. Maybe weak gas pressure is your problem. Fixing that will cost you less than getting new gas logs.)

So check out the Eiklor website, and pay a visit to a retailer who has them on display, so you can see for yourself if they will give you what you want. If you phone the company, Mr Eiklor himself may answer the phone. He loves to talk about his gas logs.

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