'Antique Wooden Dough Bowls'

diana55February 1, 2009

Hi everyone......Just wondering if anyone on the Forum, have one of these old bowls, and do they use it? I was thinking of purchasing one. What should I be looking for? I heard that the old "Musing" ones are the best. I do know that they are collector items. Post a pic if you own one of these bowls. Any info would be great. Thanks !!! Diana55

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Most old dough bowls that I have seen are oblong, some with short handles on the ends. Many made in the South were made of tupelo wood. The bowls were used sitting down with a short end up against the waist and the other hand holding the handle on the far end while the second hand kneaded the bread dough up and down the full length of the bowl.

They are indeed collectible - wish I could afford one. Even good quality new ones are pricey. I have never heard of "Musing."


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I have a couple of handmade newer bowls, made by wood carvers that I knew, in the old style. I never use them for making bread....mostly I fill them with fruit, real or otherwise at Christmas time. I forgot, I have 3 and the other one is full of old/antique cookie cutters. My DH was a partime Tinsmith and I collected the cookie cutters for him, I thought. Turned out I was collecting them for me. The old dough bowls make a beautiful centerpiece for the kitchen or dining room table depending on your style of decorating.


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I have two "butter" bowls that are ancient, round, and I think the brand is Munising.

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I have a stack of old wooden bowls....Only the newer ones have Munisings on them in script.
Mine are...or rather were, round bowls likely used for chopping of for salad.
The older the bowl the less round it is asw ood shrinks across the grain so a round bowl becomes more oval with time.
I use them for popcorn, apples, rolls at a big gathering, crackers, pretzels....and even for salad.
I wish I had one of the old oblong wooden dough troughs!!
Linda C

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I think this may be a bread bowl. It came from my grandmother who died 3 years ago at the age of 99. It's been patched at the bottom as you can see, but I absolutely love it because it came from her.

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I have two wooden dough bowls, and use them for proofing bread dough, but not for mixing or kneading.
Tracy, I have the twin of your bowl! It is made from a burl, and I use it when cutting corn off the cob, proofing dough, and for storing apples in the kitchen. Don't you just love the feel of the bowl in your hands!

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Tracey, your bowl is lovely and the "patching" just gives it warmth and character. How lucky you are to have a piece from the past from someone you loved. Cherish it!


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My grandmother had one and used it every day. It was oval and as long as her sink was from front to back and about half that wide. (she rested on the rim of the sink. Her's was made by her father. She used it so long/much that the bottom was worn very thin. Still, a collector offered my dad quite a bit for it after her death.

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I have two, but they are used only for table top because I don't want to risk damaging them. My great aunt made biscuits every day in one like this. This one was on our DR table filled with fake fruit from my earliest memory.

This one I bought more than 30 years an an antique show. I keep fruit in it that needs ripening.

Obviously, no pictures! Anyone having trouble with Photobucket? I cannot copy the URLs.

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Not a problem here.

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I wish I had Grandma's old dough bowl, it was lost in a house fire.

It was oblong and used for kneading dough. She explained that the sides were sloped just at an angle that let you knead the bread toward the edge and it would "fold it back on itself" to make kneading large amounts of bread dough easier.

Brand name? I don't know, it probably didn't have one. I'd sure like to have it, though what in the world I'd do with it I don't know. I knead all my dough in the bread machine.


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These aren't antiques, but they are handmade by a craftsman here in NC. I'd love to have one of his bowls one of these days.

Here is a link that might be useful: J.P. Madren, wood dough bowl maker

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Okay....I bought one and I bought it from E-Bay. Got a good price on it ($30.00) so if I don't like it, then I don't feel so bad. It's the best one I could find. It is a Munising. What do you think.....http://i13.ebayimg.com/05/i/001/2d/ca/9a52_1.JPG Diana55 P.S.....Thanks for the pics, and tips.

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Teresa, those are beautiful bowls. I would love to be the owner of one of them.

Here is one of my bowls that I have used to proof my bread when I do a couple loaves. I bought it at an estate sale many years ago. I also have one of the long narrow bowls but it isn't old.

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Diana you got a very good price. Here is the one that I have. I use it as a centerpiece right now on a chest in my living room.

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Teresa, I love those handmade bowls! The website didn't give prices and I just wondered, are they outrageously expensive? I need another bowl like I need a hole in the head but they surely are pretty.

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Under the area "Bowls for Sale" he did have some with prices - $124 - $128. And he makes his bowls by hand with an adze after first roughing them out.

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