Berkline Sectional sofa

karenk_2007January 24, 2008

Has anyone had a Berkline sectional or sofa? I was looking at one today but I dont know of anyone who has had one. any feedback would be great. saw some comments on this site for Flex Steel, Benchcraft, lane and others but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Berkline??

thanks, it is a big investment and it always helps to get other opinions.

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I just bought a Berkline sofa over a month ago. I have had 3 delivered and have rejected all of them due to defects. The first had stitching coming loose on the seats. The second one has minor tears on the leather and some unusual looking manner in which the seams do not appear lined up correctly. The third one did not make it in my house as it had tears in the leather and stitching that was coming loose. These were all assembled in TN but using parts from China. I would say berkline has no quality control in some part of their couch building process. It appears to be in the parts building process as stitching is a major issue. I also am doubtful about the long term durability if these immediate defects are popping up. Oh by the way my last couch was the last one in inventory and has been discontinued therefore I need to choose another couch or put up with the sub par quality.

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In 2008 berkline sectional sofas went green that brought down their good name Their furniture is incapable of holding up between plastic bags in the armrests etc it is not doing the job.

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Bought one and will never buy another one! Our reclining Berkline sofa broke after 3 years. The frame was NOT was particle/plywood or whatever you want to call it...and when we turned the sofa over, it had broke in several places. The sofa weighs a TON too so it is impossible to move without help. After only a couple years, the cushions stared to sink in and flatten out as well. Very poor quality in my opinion. I had no clue what to look for in furniture then so I learned the hard way.

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