storing wood in the basement

sweetgreenApril 17, 2009

Does anyone do this, if so, what are the problems you've run into?

I'm worried about two things: 1) bugs taking over the house 2) the wood not drying or seasoning, or it drys but my house molds from so much extra humidity.

I think I can control the bug thing by dusting the wood with Sevin or some other poison. But I'm worried about the wood not drying out. I have a dehumidifier in the basement but don't want it to be running 24/7 and watch my elec bill shoot through the roof.

I just don't have enough room under the lean-to outside to store wood. I can put 1.5-2 cords in my basement, but not sure if I should store it there over the summer. Any thoughts?

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Store the wood outside. You won't be using it until next fall so stack it loosly and just leave it alone. If it rains on it, so what?
There is sometimes confusion about "dry" wood. The wood has moisture in it as it grows. That's what must leave the wood in order to burn properly. Some rain won't affect that process at all. Come September, you place a piece of plywood over the top of the wood. That's all you need to do. Not under a lean to or anything like that. Just let it sit all season by itself and you'll be ready to go nect season.

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Any idea how long ash tree logs will last outdoors? I just had quite a few ash trees taken down, some with a 24 inch diameter trunk but most between 12 and 18 inches. I had the trees cut into 15' logs and stacked into a log pile. I probably won't have the time to get to them for at least a year to cut and split.

Any rough idea how long these trees logs will last and still be good for firewood?


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I worry about using sevin on something you are going to burn in your house....I wouldn't do it. We sometimes just bring in a few at a time and leave in the heated garage a couple of days when they are soaked thru....I don't like bugs!

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