Alloc laminate

killinsnakesJanuary 30, 2011

I am thinking now about Alloc over pergo. Looking at the Alloc Original Historic Chestnut. Anyone have Alloc and have any likes or dislikes? Re-flooring a house us a hard decision! Trying to get it right! Thanks.

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I installed Alloc several years ago. My husband and I did the install in a dining room, hallway, and bedroom. It is a good product. We saved some extra for repairs. We had to fix a couple of sections that were damaged during another flooring job. The new sectons are dull but might blend more with time. It does scratch and will have damage if a heavy object falls on it. We are considering replacing our floors with engineered wood.

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Go with the better look. Differences between the two in performance is unmeasurable.

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I ended up getting a sample of Alloc and bringing it home. It was four pieces to lock together. I really liked the looks and thought I was going to like the durability. Wrong. I left it in front of a door we use a lot and let a little snow melt on it for about six hours. All seams curled a little, so now I'm back to starting over on choices. I have a small dog and there will be accidents once in awhile....that just happens! My parents have had Wilsonart for years and it has taken the spills. Never a problem, wish I had gotten it before they quit making it! Oh well, gives me something to do this winter!

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