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edgewood96January 26, 2008

I know Hancock & Moore is suppose to be a superb producer of furniture but I am more than disgusted with their service. I ordered an Austin reclining sofa & Austin chair & Ottoman on July 12, 2007 thur a furniture dealer in SC. Today is Jan. 26th & I still do not have my furniture. The first 3 mos delay was because H&M stated that the leather (Document Harness) was on back order. Leather supposedly came in in October and they were to build my furniture. I was to receive it by the end of December. I called the furniture store in South Carolina last week & the owner stated the chair & ottoman had finally arrived but the sofa was not shipped. I don't think any furniture no matter how well it is built is worth waiting 6 months to receive it. I am more than disgusted with this purchase before I even receive the furniture. I hope no one else will have to endure this long wait for their H&M furniture.

I couldn't cancel my order because I had already paid a large down payment on the items upon ordering. I also ordered some other furniture at the time I ordered my H&M & I have received those items in a very timely manner.

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Yikes - I just ordered 2 H&M chairs - I hope it doesn't take as long as yours. Keeping my fingers crossed you get yours soon! Did you at least get the chair & ottoman?

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Coleen3201118, I told the store owner to just hold the chair & ottoman until the couch arrived at their store & then deliver all the pieces of the furniture to me at the same time. The owner of the furniture store stated H&M was great furniture & it would last a lifetime. I told him I would be dead by the time it arrived because of the process taking so long. But the furniture store owner has really high praises for H&M too.

I could have changed leather colors because 10 weeks into the waiting period for the furniture I was told of the backorder of the leather. But I was told it would be a couple of weeks for the leather to arrive so I stayed with my color choice. So, I don't know if I had changed leather colors if that would have speeded up the furniture making process or stayed the same.

Before ordering my furniture, I had read all the posts here on the forum recommending H&M furniture & also Duane's posts made me realize he knew his furniture so I chose to purchase H&M. I am just not excited anymore about getting H&M furniture. Hopefully, you will not have to wait as long as I have for your chairs coleen3201118.

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Wow! That is a long wait! Fortunately, we placed an order for a sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman in late November. We were told the leather was on backorder but furniture should be shipped by the end of January. We received a call that it had arrived on January 7. We were very happy with that shortened wait, and the furniture is GORGEOUS! Hope yours is just as nice.

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I am sure once it arrives, you will change your mind - it is absolutely beautiful furniture. I ordered the Document Tobacco - I know the Documents are very popular and I think in a lot of the T&C promotions so they get backordered. Hope it arrives soon!

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I think it wise to hold off and get everything delivered at once to make sure there aren't any dye lot issues. Although my order was planned that way, one of my pieces did end up being made and delivered several months later than the others and Hancock and Moore did a beautiful job of color matching the pieces. This furniture is absolutely gorgeous and I think worth the wait--and my initial order to completed delivery was over a year.

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Wow! furnitureshopper I thought I had problems on my long delay of getting my furniture but sounds like you have me beaten. I am going to listen to you who have posted and hope that I will like my furniture as well as you seem to.

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I have two matching H & M sofas that we about 8K each. They are about 3 years old and the cushions have broken down. They replaced the inserts, but the problem is with the leather cushion covers. I was under the impression that this was excellent quality furniture but have since found out that it is a mid line brand. Hope your pieces have longevity...mine did not. They are listed on Craigslist for a little bit of nothing!!!

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Duane has a good point that the dealer plays a large part. Hancock and Moore produces wonderful furniture but the manufacturer is just part of the furniture purchase process. My time line included a dealer error and two deliveries of a damaged piece that was refused each time, after consultation with the dealer. I did spend a long time with an empty space in the den, until the third delivery completed the order.

I'm surprised it took so long for you to be notified that your leather choice was on backorder.

Duane, thank you for your expertise and contributions to this board.

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Thank you Duane for your expertise in H&M. I called the furniture dealer & he would not give me the ACK# for my H&M. He said that they just did not do that. I spoke to someone different at the furniture store this time & he called me back about an hour after I called him & informed me that H&M stated the sofa would be delivered to the furniture store on Feb 8. I asked the man at the furniture store if the leather would match since the items were not shipped together & he stated that they definitely would.

I also told the store employee that I was talking to another furniture dealer (you, Duane) who stated that H&M does not ship items separately that was written on the same purchase order with the SAME HIDE because the leather would not match. He informed me that I must be speaking to someone who doesn't know the H&M business. Anyway, I just did not want to argue so I will wait & see if the furniture arrives to me by the middle of Feb. I just pray that the leather matches or it will be sent back. Funny, that will be 7 months since placing the order. Yet, the furniture dealer is laying all the delay issues on H&M.

Also, be aware that I live in TN & do not know the furniture dealer where I ordered my furniture. I just checked the BBB of SC to see how their standing was with them before I placed my order. Also, I only paid a third down on my furniture when I placed my order. But thanks Duane for your input. I value your opinion very much.

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Glad to help.

Matching hides.

The way this works is they might have 500 hides of Document Harness in a new shipment, and there might be three to eight shade variances within that particular batch. When an order comes in from a dealer (who should mark it "MATCH HIDES ON ALL" on his purchase order), then order entry notes that as such. For the Austin sofa, they may need close to ten to twelve hides, four or five for the chair and two for the ottoman. So if they're pulling sixteen to eighteen hides for your project, they have to go through the stack and get the sixteen/eighteen that match closely, within a shade or two of one another. Those hides are then bundled with your specific order and carted over to the pattern cutters, who will mark and cut the panels, and tag them with your order number The hide selector at H&M pays particular attention to dye lot variances and its important to get them all in one batch. Once he selects them, they are all rolled together and banded to keep them together as a group.

At this point, if you have a mixed order of motion and stationary furniture, it may go to different plants. The main plant is stationary furniture and the motion plant is about five miles down the road. This is why you *might* see a difference in a few days ship from one another, but 99% of the time an order written by a dealer ships complete if all done in the same leather, on the same purchase order for the same customer.

I declined an order last week for a customer (silly me!) who wanted to order a Miller Recliner immediately, and then an Austin Sofa and a Austin Chair/Ottoman, but wanted to wait a month for the latter pieces. I told him quite honestly that they're not going to match and not to do it. I told him to get them all in one shot whether its from me or another dealer. I've seen too many 'match hide' issues over the years to do it any other way.

H&M makes its own frames so there is no backorder issue there, and I can't see how that dealer can claim with utmost certainty that all the hides will match when there is 60-day gap from the chair/ottoman shipping and the sofa. The H&M production system is not designed to operate that way.

Document is a tri-tone hide that does have some variance from batch to batch. If its not too bad, don't worry about it, as no telling how long you would have to wait to re-order. Place the furniture in the room and look at the hide match there, rather then side by side in direct sunlight in the driveway. Your home interior will not be as critical in lighting as out in the driveway. I'd guess you have a 50/50 or better chance with Document Harness for a satisfactory match on two pieces made at a different time.

Seven months is just wrong. The Austin series is one of the top sellers at H&M, and I've never had to wait past 10 weeks for a complete Austin set, even with an out-of-stock hide its never gone beyond 16 weeks. When I request Quick Ships in Austin, they are made in 6 weeks or less.

I think the fact that the dealer refuses to give you the H&M Acknowledgment number is indicative of where the problem lies with your order. I would be more than happy to give out that information to any customer of mine along with the name of the person to call at H&M, but have never had to do that as I watch over all my H&M open orders like a mother hen over her chicks.

Hope it all works out for you.

Duane Collie

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Thank you Duane for explaining in detail how the H&M process works. When I get the furniture I will look at the sofa, chair,& ottoman in the living room where I will be using the furniture & will see if the leather matches. Hopefully, I want notice a difference in the leather.

I totally agree that 7 months is just too long to wait on the H&M furniture. I wish I had known about you & your furniture business before I had placed my order & I would have ordered my H&M from you just because of all your knowledge of this company & all the helpful info you have given on this board. I feel I could totally trust you in whatever you say. Again, thank you so much.

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Sorry to read about your H and M delivery problems. Did you ever receive your goods and did everything match? You would do a great service if you could reveal the name of this company. I am in the process of placing a large order and i certainly would like to do business with a reputable furniture company. Thank you.

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Edgewood, did everything work out with HM? I was jsut rereading this post since I am having a problem with a chair I ordered. Numerous problems and, like you, ordered from a dealer in SC. I, too, checked them out online and they had an excellent rating. I ordered a chair and ottoman in February, finally arrived end June. I think the dealer is dragging their feet. Which dealer did you order your furniture from and was all eventually taken care of??? Would love to know. Oh, I also asked for an acknowledgment number when I placed the order. I was told they just don't do that. I having a feeling we used the same company.

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I'm hoping this SC dealer is not one based in Myrtle Beach. Dorry, is that who you're dealing with?

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Mr. Collie is certainly informed however there are several indiscrepancies in his statements. First it is NOT possible to mark on all order "Match hides on all". You are NOT able to "Match hides on all" for orders from the Town & Country Program as these are pre-cut & sewn covers that are simply attached to the frame at the factory. You get what you get in the Town & Country program & Hancock & Moore will split ship items from those orders. If you request "Match Hides" on these order you will revert from the special pricing on these to pricing in the regular line & it is much higher. Maybe Mr. Collier is not offering his customers the Town & Country Program since he is marking all his orders "Match Hides on ALL"; if this is the case he is only selling his customer the higher priced items. Bottom line is that Mr. Collier seems to be blowing his own horn. As a consumer I beware the retailer that bad mouthing your conpetitors is a BIG RED WARNING FLAG! I have ordered from Elite Interiors & referred my clients to order from them since 1990 & will continue to do so. If there have been any issues with my many orders or with my clients' orders Elite has always resolved them. I would highly recommend Elite Interiors in Myrtle Beach SC to anyone.

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I just received 2 leather recliners from Elite Interiors- my first online furniture purchase-and am very satisfied with the service. Granted, the order took awhile because I put down the deposit in early March and didn't get the chairs until mid-June. I was told of the time frame to manufacture the chairs, so that wasn't an issue- they were actually completed before the deadline. The wait was in the delivery because I live in WA, and the delivery truck obviously needs to be full before they make the trek out here. The delivery company brought us the furniture a month after it was ready in the warehouse. I wasn't in a rush (although I was eager to get the chairs), so it didn't bother me.

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Help! I purchased a odd stock Hancock and Moore from Elite. It is Pueblo Saddle Willis lounger. Finally it came. It is very squeaky when reclining and there were some wear marks on the corners in the back and on the foot rest on the very bottom (this is visible in the reclined position). I refused delivery and they took it back to be repaired. My question is can they fix it so the leather looks nice again? and can you get rid of the squeaking? and did I buy a bad chair? Thanks so much

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Bellamay, I purchased my Hancock and Moore couch in 2010. It hasn't held up as well as a previous purchase from Hancock and Moore in 1995.

I have now become aware that my $5000+ couch at the very least has leather from China. (And God knows what else came from china or was assembled in China.) My sofa is not only not the quality I had grown to love, my sofa is making me sick. I'm allergic to my sofa
(Think Chinese drywall sick.).

Hancock and Moore appears to be producing a substandard product and resting on their name recognition. Customers just like me have sold their praises for years, only to get duped.

I'm disappointed, dismayed, and sick (literally). Thanks, Hancock and Moore.

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