Steel Protector Plate on mantel?

adamssApril 11, 2010


My mendota DXV35 requires 14" of noncombustible material above the blower for a combustible mantel, UNLESS there is a steel protector plate on the underside of the mantel. I can't find anything about a steel protector plate on the internet, nor did a salesman at Courtland Hearth.

Does anyone know anything about steel protector plates for the underside of a mantel? Where would I purchase one?? Could I create something to be a makeshift mantel protector? Thanks for your help in advance!

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If I understand you correctly, you really mean the mantel shelf needs to be 14 inches above the blower. I assume the shelf you want to install is made of combustible material, probably wood.

I think the way forward is to have someone fabricate a steel protector plate. It would have to be cut the right size, and you will probably want to have it painted so it blends in. Maybe have it powder coated a black matte finish.

My concern would be that the plate will look out of place, and spoil the looks of the mantel and mantel shelf. I do not think the plate can be installed so it is not visible if it is to protect the shelf. But I would check that point with the manufacturer. For instance, if the shelf is, say, 10 inches deep, you might be able to get away with a plate that's 8 inches deep, and that might not be too conspicuous. But if the plate has to be the same depth as the shelf, it will show and might not look right.

I would consider going with a mantel and mantel shelf that is composed of noncombustible material such as metal, marble, slate, even glass. The possibilities are endless -- you can search them on the web.

The other concern is that if the shelf gets warm, you need to make sure that whatever you place on the shelf is not going to be damaged by the heat.

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Thanks so much! Yes, you have understood me exactly right, even though I didn't do a good job explaining.

Yes, I was planning on a wood mantel shelf. I'm wondering if I could use something like ceramic or glass tile on the underside of the mantel instead--would that accomplish the same thing as a steel protector plate?

I will also consider going with a noncombustible mantel, but they seem to be more expensive than wood.

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