Anyone familiar with this manufacturer.....

debo_2006January 8, 2012

It's Lancer Furniture out of Starr, NC. (link below). I found a sofa at a small independent store today that sells this manufacturer. I've never heard of them and can't find much on the Internet other than their website, though they've been around since late 60s. Just wondering if anyone can give me any additional feedback about this brand. Thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lancer

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I am familiar with Lancer Furniture. I think they are based in Virginia. They are a family owned company with a good and solid reputation. They pretty much just sell mom and pops. They smaller stores that carry this product are very happy with the product and the people that run the company. Most stores have been carrying it for years. They have excellent customer service. The last time I looked at it they had hardwood corner blocked frame with a combination spring which was a sinuous springs supported by coil springs. Its not an exciting product line with the newest styles or trends in the industry and its not going to have the tailoring that you will find from Vanguard or Sherrill and its not really cheap although not overly expensive either but it is a good solid piece of furniture that should last for many years. I think they also deliver to the retailer on their own trucks which mean there should be little to no freight damage. Quite frankly I think you will getting a better set than you might get from some of the more common household brands in the same price range.

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Thanks Freethinker. They don't have a phone number on their website but rather a form to fill out. Did that last week and still haven't heard from anyone at the company.

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Debbi try 910-428-2181

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Thanks again Freethinker. I'll give them a call.

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Debi did you ever buy the Lancer sofa and if so what did you think of it?

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The sofa is for my mother who ordered it a few weeks ago to be delivered in 2-3 more weeks (so they say). I'll update you about it once it's "tested". Thanks for asking.

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Debi I think you made a good choice. There are a lot of smaller retailers who swear by this company. I do think they deliver fairly quickly.

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Freethinker, I finally saw the sofa today at my mother's house and had mixed feelings. While I liked the look, fabric, and firmness of it, I wasn't pleased with the lack of attention in terms of the seat cushion which I expect to fit nicely against the back; a snug fit, but these just looked messy like they didn't line up consistently. I looked at the stitching and wasn't pleased on the cushion portion either. The rest was fine. One of the wood legs had a good size splatter of dried (blue) glue.

Personally, if the sofa was mine, I would have refused it, but my mother doesn't look at details like I do. Frankly, it didn't take a good eye to catch the poor cushion fit as I noticed it within a second of looking at the sofa.

You are correct that their turn-around is fast...all of 3 weeks....not bad for a custom sofa.

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Debi sorry the cushions didn't fit well. You might call the store and ask for new seat casings with cores. Tell them the cushions were not tailored well and didn't fit well. Your mother wouldn't have to return the sofa. I think if you didn't back down they would go along with it.

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I know this post is late, but I want perspective buyers to know the POOR experience I've had with Lancer Furniture:
I'll basically copy/paste the letter I sent to their President, Randy Deese. I just sent it, so no response yet but i'm not going to hold my breath:
I purchase a Lancer sofa (style is Dodson) from Comstock Furniture in Sylvania, Ohio back on 8/29/09. A month after purchasing it, a button popped off the back. Comstock sent a kid (yes, a young kid) out to fix it. It held for about a year and then popped off again. He came back out and repaired it a second time. At that time I also showed him the back cushion that was coming away from the frame. He said he would mention it to the owner of Comstock and they would get back with me. They did but said they couldn't do anything about it because the sofa is out of warranty and that this "is typical wear & tear" with these types of couches. They suggested I call you directly and have the local sales rep contact me.
I called your factory on January 15th asking who our local sales rep was. I was told it was Paul Allen. I asked that the lady answering the phone leave him a message as i would like to send him pictures of our sofa. Paul never called back. I called again 2/19 and asked that the lady leave Paul a message to call me. Nothing. Again 3/3. Nothing.
When I called again on 3/12, I asked to talk to Paul Allen’s manager because it was obvious he wasn't going to call me. I spoke to Peggy Thompson on 3/14 and she said she was going to talk to Paul on Saturday (every Saturday I was told) and she would mention it to him. Monday came and went and neither Peggy nor Paul had the courtesy to call me. This is EXTREMELY POOR customer service.
Since I still didn't hear anything, I filed a complaint with the Charlotte BBB thinking your company would react. Not surprising, the BBB said all calls and correspondence have gone unanswered.
What's going on with your company? I purchased your product because of the name and reviews I read. Apparently I didn't read enough reviews.
Since your company plans on doing nothing about a poor quality sofa that I purchased for $945.00 just 4 years ago (problem started right away though)I am going to start posting my personal experience that I have had with your company. I will basically paste/copy this email right into my post so everyone who is thinking about purchasing your product hopefully will think twice. In the meantime, we cannot sit on the left hand cushion without stretching the button hole any larger. We were told (and you would be able to see) that it cannot be sewed on again. The hole is too large. We cannot sit on the right hand side because the back cushion will tear larger. It's already about 12 inches long.
There is also a small fray on the armrest that we noticed when we purchased the sofa and Comstock said it was nothing and it would be fine. That "fray" is now about an inch wide.
I am hoping you can do something here. I really would like a replacement sofa. I think that is fair if Lancer truly stands up to the quality and reputation that they speak of.
I'll wait your response.

7/25/14: Haven't heard a thing from Lancer....which tells you how much they care about their customers. LOOK ELSEWHERE!!! Someone (don't know if it was lancer or Comstck Furniture where I bought the sofa from) send slip covers for each arm rest to cover the hole. We already have those so those were of no use. No letter, nothing from whomever sent them. No apologies. Nothing. Beware of this company. LOOK ELSEWHERE. What more can I say.

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Here's mine. Bought it back in January 2009. My dog sleeps in it when I'm not home. Still as good as the day I got it, besides the stain, spilled some soup.

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The frame is probably not right measure it to the website page you found it. Then if it is right you have the option for them to buy more fabric and do it again. I hope you get better help this time. The reason they are not answering the phone is the know it was wrong when it left. They are suppose to sit in every piece to make sure its right you could have done better at Big Lots or Ashley's :( BTW you don't want Leathercraft ether.

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Here's a picture of the tear on the arm. I'll post a picture of the back where the large rip is as soon as I can.

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debi_2006 and freethinker99: take a look at what I got for $945 from Lancer! You say they have great customer service??? You MUST know someone who works there or actually works there yourself. Read my post above and you'll see just how great their customer service is. The worst i've come across in the 36 years that I've been in customer service myself. The back of the sofa is splitting apart, hole in the arm (they did send me a cover to "cover it up', and a button hole that you could drip a silver dollar through!!! They've done nothing but ignore my calls, ignore the BBB calls and now we'll see how they react to my letter to the State Attorney Generals Office. This company FAILS MISERABLY at customer service. Think twice before you buy their JUNK.

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