cost of fireplace insert

jayjayqmommyApril 20, 2009

I am trying to figure out the approximate cost of a gas fireplace insert. Does anybody have any idea how much this could run? I have a gas stove and gas heated water heater, so their is all ready gas in the home. Thanks so much!

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After 25 years in the LP gas industry and 5 years as a Technical Support for a LP gas & Hearth products distributor, I can answer that. The Monnessen direct vent insert (smaller or 2 models) list price is $1802, add a surround to block the excess opening $254, a flue block plate $32, a vent termination $159, chimney liners (35 ft) $260, a remote thermostat $130 and labor of $1000...not including gas connection= about $3630 +/-
You will get a unit with an AFUE rating in the 70-75% range. This is a "hearth product" first and supplemental heater second. Drawback: cuts viewing area by 40-60% compared to a fireplace.
A better option: Install a Peterson gas logset G10-24-15 complete with remote and logs for list $1100 plus labor $200...not including gas lines.Run damper open for ambience of full fire, run with damper mostly closed if heat is needed during a power outage or short attended use. This has an oxygen depletion sensor for use either way safely.
If your needs are for HEAT..add a Rinnai high efficiency direct vent wall furnace Energysaver 556WTA for $1880 plus $200 labor...not including gas supply comes complete with controls and venting in a package, just needs and outside wall to mount...small unit heats 750-900 square feet, no odor, very quiet, easy on gas use! and you still have the fierplace for looks.
Hope this helps. Check with you local gas supplier, list price is high end, you can often get discounts.

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The suggestions in the previous post are good. I would add that there are many brands of direct vent inserts and you can search them on the web -- just google direct vent, and the list will appear.

I also think that a direct vent system is far and away the preferred one. In these days of concern about energy efficiency, it is the most efficient you can get. it is also the safest to operate.

One more thing: These systems are a little complicated to install. So you need to check out the contractor you hire to do the work. The installation will take more than a couple of hours, and you need to make sure you have someone who is detail oriented and experienced.

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