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jai-lynnApril 27, 2009

Any sage advice appreciated - purchased a 6000GL (direct-ven) for a new addition. Master electrician, plumber and contractor installed the unit.

A multifunction wall switch/control box was installed as thermostat/control. Initially, the wall switch was connected via a wire that was not recessed in the wall and it all worked fine. The electrician then ran the wire behind the wall and mounted the switch. The control no longer worked.

The contractor thought it was a problem with the control box and we brought it back to the dealer. The dealer said the control box had been "fried out" by improper installation and said they would cover a replacement, but suggested we hire them to install it correctly. The tech came out from the dealer and could not get it working, later reported that the 2nd control box had been fried out. Dealer blamed the contractor and said the entire unit needed to be reinstalled (at a cost of $800 - $1000).

The contractor's position is he installed it correctly.

So, any ideas on what is causing the problem? Bad unit, bad install, other???? Thanks so much.

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Thanks so much for your response. I thought I had this posting set up so that I would receive an email when I got a response - I didn't get an email so thought that I had no responses (just saw this today).

My end result - The manager of the fireplace store was not helpful at all. The owner of the store was and sent out a more knowledgable tech who installed the 2nd puportedly fried unit and it worked fine (but the wall switch didn't).

There was also a short in the 3 wire cable to the wall switch, which the electrician replaced. So I'm not sure where the problem originated, but we now have a working fireplace.

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I have a problem with my Heat-n-Glo unit model # 6000GDVFL.
It worked for a few years alright. All of a sudden, we see a blast of cold air coming in when ever it is windy outside and this summer time We see warm air blowing in. Service people were telling that they don't know the reason. We will be only wasting money to bring in a person for checking. We would appreciate to hear any suggestions to solve this problem.

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Your H-n-G unit is a direct vent model so it should be a closed system. Since it worked for a while we can assume it was installed correctly. If the air is coming into the cavity around the fireplace then look for gaps in the sheathing or siding, wall or roof penetration or the underside. There can also be a failure in the pipe or firebox which would allow air penetration. To chase this problem down you will probably need a smoke test candle and a bore scope.

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