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pesky1March 15, 2006

A few years ago I was involved in a very bad car accident (not my fault) and because I carried higher insurance limits than the other party, we ended up suing my insurance co for the difference between the policies. Amazingly my insurance co paid the full difference.

During that period we had trouble with a claim...turned out we didn't make a claim but DID get a mess of trouble stirred up regarding the customer service (LOOONG story). We were pretty sure we'd get dropped at renewal. But that didn't happen.

We also have home insurance with the Co. and get long term and multi-car discounts too.

My DH got a hefty ticket, so that bumped our premiums up a bit. Then just the other day I got in another car accident (while fault is disputed, it's likely the other party who made a left hand turn in front of me will be found at fault). So now we're SURE they're going to drop us.

We've never been dumped by an insurance co, so we're not sure how this might affect us getting coverage by another company. Also, there is the matter of the house insurance...I hear horror stories of people not being able to GET insurance. Should I be shopping for new insurance NOW, wait to see what happens, or what? We were thinking of changing insurance anyway, so any suggestions on who to check with? We're currently with American Family.

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Before we start speculating, have you tried talking to your insurance agent first to see if that provides any useful information?

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Definitely speak with your agent first.

One of the unspoken secrets of the insurance business is that there always is someone out there willing to write the business for a reasonable amount of money. You'll find them through insurance brokers, though, not captive agents.

Can't help you on choosing another company. I got tired of State Farm's endless premiums escalator, got off it (after only one claim and one ticket in 20 years), and didn't get so much as a "thank you for your business -- why did you leave?" from anyone there. I went with American Family.

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Thanks for the note about State Farm...we were thinking of them.

Well, now this gets a little more tangled...the woman I collided with is UNINSURED. Thank goodness we have uninsured coverage.

Our particular agent is a ding-a-ling. And they're all independent agents, so you can't call another one to get a 'what-if' scenario if you're represented by another agent.

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Get quotes from the two big direct insurers - Geico and Amica. They both have web sites you can get quotes from, and they are frequently cheaper because they don't pay agents a commission on your policy every year. I've been with Amica for over 20 years and the service is excellent.

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I have been with AMICA for probably 18 years. First in NY, now in Florida, although I don't think they are writing any more auto policies in FL though anymore. (and who knows about FL for homeowners) but anyway, they may not be the cheapest, or the most expensive, but their service, I have found, is excellent. I have had a few relatively small claims, including a relatively small homeowners claim from Hurricane Wilma and their turnaround time was quite fast. I think a few weeks, and that was after a major storm.

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Geico is not good according to Consumer Reports. Check it out.

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I had my car insured with AIG, who gave me excellent service after an at-fault accident. They rebranded the auto insurance unit as 21st Century , and that has since been sold to Farmer's, I believe. I switched (before Farmers bought them) in order to get homeowner ins. with the same company as car (was switching from Nationwide due to hugely increasing premiums even though 17 years claim-free), and 21st Century wouldn't insure a house as old as mine.

Not car insurance, but I did have my homeowner's insurance cancelled after repeated burglaries (one of the joys of living in San Diego county, next to an agricultural operation). I was able to find another insurer pretty easily--I think my bank actually recommended the company, and fortunately my premiums were reasonable. However, I didn't make any more claims for the subsequent 6 burglaries in the next 18 months, before I sold the place.

I think that most states have a "high risk pool" for auto insurance, so that even the absolutely worst drivers can get insured, although it will cost. You don't sound like you will need that option.

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