Memo to Randy427 (and others with kids)

joyfulguyMarch 2, 2007

Hello Randy - and offspring,

You spoke of preparing for having a talk with your young offspring relative to the facts of life.

I've developed a story that I've told to a few young people, recently, sometimes with parent present.

Last night I had a new experience after doing it - more about that later.

Are you aware that every person above the age of being a toddler (here I hold out my hand about half way between my knee and my hip) has his or her own business? You do, too. Were you aware that you were running a business of your own?

I know that sounds really odd - but listen and see whether you thing that I'm wrong.

When your Dad or Mom goes to work, their employer pays them, don't they? But if their employer doesn't pay them, they wouldn't keep going to do that work very long, would they? Or if your parents have a business and don't pay their employees, how long do yo think that those employees would keep working for them?

Right - not very long!

But, do you know what - in your business, you have some employees.

(While saying this, I've pulled my change purse out of my pocket and opened the zipper). I pull out one of the One Dollar brass-coloured coins that we have in Canada, a shiny one if possible, and show it to them).

Here is one of my employees.

(One day, a girl put out her hand to take it, and I told her that I wasn't giving it to her - that it was my employee, and she had some employees of her own to manage).

I had to work to earn these employees of mine, of course, but the nice thing about these employees of mine, though, is that I don't have to pay them.

As a matter of fact, as long as I keep them, they pay me!!

If I send a couple of them out to buy ice cream - the ice cream tastes really nice - but that employee has gone. It has only worked for me once.

(While doing that, I move the coin away from me, out to nearly arm's length. Last night, in a Macdonalds restaurant, speaking to a Mom and three pre-teens and a teen, I set it on the table and pushed it away - but not too close to one of the kids - then pulled it back).

But if I hang on to it, (pullng the coin back to near me) it'll work for me as long as I hang on to it. And the results of its work is that it brings back other employees like itself. Now I like that work that my employees do for me!

And as long as I hang on to those employees they'll keep on working for me, to bring in more employees like themselves.

With one exception (and I move the coin down and away from me, or put it under the other hand, if on a table) ...

... if I put it into the mattress ...

... it goes to sleep!

And ... if I put it into the bank - when you consider the amount of interest that they pay ... it's darn near the same!

So, as it is with most employers, your job is to learn how wisely to make your employees work hard and well.

Here's an idea to remember ... learning how money works is a fine hobby ... and it pays well!

When you get older - if you don't boss your dollars - they'll boss you! And you won't like that.

So start learning how to boss yor dollars, beginning now.

When I finished the story in Macdonalds last night - the kids applauded!

That made my day!

The local subscribers to Canada's best personal money management magazine, "Canadian MoneySaver", that carries no ads, isn't shiny, but is mostly text, meet together once a month for a couple of hours, then a few of us gather at a coffee house after for another hour or so of talk. Last night at Macdonalds was the chin-wag after our meeting.

There are such subscribers' meetings willing to welcome new members in about 35 - 40 locations in Canada (perhaps a few not welcoming new members in other areas, but we aren't aware of them).

For those of you in Canada - you can probably find their magazine in major libraries. And if you go to, you can look at some articles, and they'll send you a sample copy if you ask.

Good wishes to you and your family.

ole joyful

P.S. A major highway on the west end of Toronto, part of a system of ring roads around the city, is called "427".

o j

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"The rich buy assets. The poor only have expenses. The middle class buys liabilities they think are assets. The poor and the middle class work for money. The rich have money work for them.".......Robert Kiyosaki

Here is a link that might be useful: Kids FREE online Financial Literacy games

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The "Poor Dad" that Kiyosaki told about, in his book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" ...

... was his own father ...

... who was Superintendent of Education for Hawaii!

My daughter gave it to me for Christmas, or birthday, a few years ago.

And recently I saw another book of his, "Smart Kid, Rich Kid", or something like that, and borrowed it shortly before I was to visit her ... when I showed it to her, we both got a laugh out of it.

Hope you found my story interesting.

ole joyful

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That book of Kiyosaki's that I referred to in the next message above was, "Rich Kid, Smart Kid", and I borrowed it from the library, the second of his that I'd read. And when I showed it to my daughter we both had a good laugh over it: she's smart, but not overly rich!

Learning how money works ... an interesting hobby (that pays well)!!

Help your kids learn about it - they aren't taught it in school!

ole joyful

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Perhaps some of you who would like to help your (grand-) children learn about using money wisely may find this story interesting, if you didn't see it on the first go-round (which was some time ago).

If you feel it to be so unique/useful/innovative, etc. that you feel that the authour may deserve compensation ...

... nothing to stop you making a contribution to your favourite (preferably internationally-related) charity.

Which would provide reverse-compensation to you, in that you get the tax-deductible charitable receipt, right?

ole joyful

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