what is the best quality furniture out there? looking for dining

lila123January 22, 2010

I need to purchase a dining room table. What is the absolute best quality money can buy? i was thinking henkel harris but heard good things about council craftsman. heard baker's quality is not so great anymore. would also buy used or antique, but so far have no luck. any advice is appreciated. thanks. oh, and i know boyles in nc sells henkel but where can i find council craftsman at a discount?

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Henkel Harris.

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Are you asking about furniture manufactuers or one of a kind bench made? Also what style? Do you want contemporary or period? There's a lot out there from guys like Lonnie Bird and Doug Mooberry or Julie Godfrey to John Nyquist or Adrian Ferrazzutti and Doug Pollaro for bench made. If you are talking about factory made the French make some fine contemporary or I like Stickly for period.

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John Buchanan and J. L. Treharn are a couple more options for beautiful bench-made pieces.

I like some of the pieces by a French company called Grange. Stickley is hit or miss now that they are manufacturing more pieces in Asia.

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Have u heard about used office furniture?
You can get some innovative designs and save money by using used office furniture liquidators services.

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Amish furniture tends to be very well made and it is handcrafted of solid wood rather than veneer.

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If you want the absolute best that money can buy, there are individual craftsmen who will custom make anything you want. For manufactured furniture, I will put in a vote for Stickley, especially if you like Mission style or modern cherry.

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