Are you happy/unhappy with your Karndean vinyl floor?

alizacfJanuary 18, 2012

I need to replace my kitchen floor, I currently have laminate which I am not happy with. Previously I had a fantastic vinyl floor which I loved, held up for over 20 years. I don't think that company is around anymore. A friend has a Karndean floor (for 7 yrs) which she loves, she has lots of traffic and says it has held up very well. I got all excited about it till I read some very negative postings here.

Are there happy Karndean owners out there?

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It is really not a maintenance free product. They always recommended polishing it. Thus why we never considered it a residential product. More for commercial use.

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This floor is installed at a local hospital in the cafeteria. Very high traffic. It looks like a hickory wide plank. It has held up extremely well.

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It is all a matter of consumer expectations. Some flooring products show use more than others. Consumers quickly forget that these products are walked on daily and that all flooring degrades from day one.

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We had our kitchen floor done with a higher end Karndean in July, 2010. Visitors always mistake it for real wood or at least laminate. It still looks beautiful and is very easy to maintain. I finally got around to applying the Dim Glo stuff which is supposed to be a protective finish. I followed the directions and gave it two coats, but it did result in some hard to detect (but I can find them) smears, which I will have to eventually use their included stripper product to get off. They no longer make Dim Glo, which I am sorry I used. Overall we are very satisfied with our residential Karndean. I saw the installation which was done by professionals who used a heavy roller to set it in right. It is not a DIY product!

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