Having a Harman Insert wood stove installed

stanleyjohnApril 5, 2008

That last oil bill did it!! Time for some action!so i went and bought a Harman Exeption insert wood stove for my firplace.It should be installed soon with a full steel liner to the top of the chimney.On my lot i can supply 2 cords of wood per year from my woods from dead wood and a few fresh cuts.Im not planning on running the harman wood insert 24/7! more like 70% wood and 30% oil.I live here in Ct. and planning on using the stove from sometime in Nov to mid april.I hope i will have enough wood to cover it.My home is a colonial with about 1600 sq feet to heat!The stove is on the first floor and i can circulate the air threw the duck work via the hydro air heating system.

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First, you don't wan to heat all 1600 feet, and you won't. The bedrooms will be cooler and they should be. You will mainly be heating the room the stove will be in, so I hope you didn't get too big a stove.

Also be careful with the dead wood. Make sure it isn't rotting as that stuff doesn't burn well at all. And start cutting now for next winter. Cut the wood to log lengths and let it sit until August. Then cut to size and split it. It'll be ready to go in November.
Up here a good many prople get the log lengths in July and start cutting at their leisure. We normally light the stove in mid October and go until April 24/7. Then it's nights only. We go through about 3 1/2 cords per year. And less than one tank of oil, and that's for hot water.

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Thanks for the heads up!I Had around a third of a cord of seasoned wood that i was using for my fireplace!I will use alittle of that to break-in the stove this year before the season ends.I have read that the first few burns will stink!! due to the stove paint curing so i may need to open a window or two.I cut and stacked about 2 cords the last few weeks.This was mostly deadwood but very solid!boy did my chainsaw have a hard time cutting that stuff.The wood is mostly oak!with some maple and birch.I cut in lengths of 14 to 20 inches and split 2 or 4 way depending on log diameter.

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