I need a really comfy mattress

splitrockJanuary 20, 2013

Can you recommend a great mattress? I have liked my pillow top serta perfect sleeper, but the exact same one is not made anymore and I need a bed for another bedroom. I will probably sleep in this new room as it is on the first floor, so this mattress is for me. I have lots of aches, so I need something comfy. Also I will be buying a new bed and I'm a little confused about the whole platform bed that does not need a box spring idea. Thanks for helping!

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"Comfy" is a relative term.

DH and I have very different opinions on what is comfortable, which is why our king bed is actually 2 XL twins of different comfort levels.

You need to go to a store and see what is comfortable for YOU.

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I was considering the two twins. I am guessing that I would just use two twin bed frames and king sized sheets. Can a headboard be arranged for such a set up? I know that they can be attached to a wall, but I'm not sure about how to do that.
How have you dealt with the headboard area?

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Two EXTRA LONG twins are the same size as a king... so you use a king frame and king headboard.

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Thanks! I got DH to go to a furniture store today and we both liked the Serta Perfect Day I series "Applause".
Any thoughts?

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If it was comfortable for you, great!

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My son needs a new metress too and I went online and got a lot of information for him. It seems most buyers today want memory foam and foam. Innerspings are not as favored as previously. I have a 20 year old Beautyrest that is still perfect because I got the one made with the heavyest gage springs for back troubles. It is not soft enough but we put a memory foam pad on it and that is soft enough. The mainstream matress mentioned most often is Tempurpedic. It costs a fortune. If you are happy with your solution go for it. But I would also try a Tempurpedic just to be sure. Many dealers have them both and offer a trisl preiod so you can be sure.

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Foam is HOT... no way I would get that!

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Does that hot issue include this serta bed with what they call cool jell pillow top (looks like a sponge in the cutaway example)? The top is quilted, so it does not have that squishy foam feel. I could not lay there long enough to feel if it gets hot.

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My husband and I recently invested in an intellibed--they are (imho) more comfortable than tempurpedic; not overpriced; and don't insulate heat when you sleep.

Intellibed mattresses are coil-based with a patented gel-cell top, which distributes pressure away from pressure points. Laying on this mattress is like nothing I have ever experienced, and I can't quite explain it. It's sort of what I would think laying on a could is like: not too soft, but supportive and makes you feel somewhat weightless. I have lots of back problems, and this is the most comfortable mattress I have found, without contest.

I believe intellibed only has store fronts in the west, where they started, but you can buy them online with free shipping. I believe all their mattresses have a 30 year warranty, but I have not had any experience with that process. (We got a great water-proof mattress cover from them, and with a toddler around, that's a bonus...and we know this mattress pad works!)

Someone once told me that intelligel (the material for the top layer on the intellibed mattresses, which will not break down like poly pillow-tops) was developed to ease the heat and pressure for burn patients laying in hospital beds.


Do some research, but this is the best bed I have ever or laid on--even my husband who is easy-going and can sleep anywhere has noticed and commented on how much he enjoys this bed--more than once! I am a very picky, detail and research-oriented person with a back issues and loose joints, and I love my bed!!

P.s. Sleeping cool is important for your brain to get the most rest from the hours you sleep. Happy searching!

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I have slept on a Tempurpedic for years. In my opionion I find it to be very comfortable, no backaches and I have never found it to be hot. They now carry a wide assortment of sleeping surfaces as well.

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Thanks for your response. I guess my concern is that the cool gel foam that Serta has topping the mattress will break down over time and I will be on a less pliable surface. The top of the perfect day mattress is quilted, so it feels good in the showroom. I have read lots of previous posts on the topic. I agree with whoever said that it is a "scary" decision.

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The gel top mattresses are very popular and I have not heard of one breaking down.It might be a good option.

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Thanks for your help, Freethinker. I feel better about the decision now. I have learned so much from you in the past, as I "lurk" here often.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I recommend spending the money on an all natural latex mattress.

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This is a great website that breaks down reviews....

Here is a link that might be useful: Beds

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Another option is Royal Pedic. They are pricey but they are comfortable.

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