Need help with fireplace...

travis4710April 18, 2013

Currently renovating an 80's ranch and I'm stuck on what to do with the existing fireplace. I'm considering doing some type of built in to the left and incorporating the TV as well. Any suggestions on what I should do to update the fireplace?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

You may get some good suggestions in the remodel forum and the home decorating forum.

It really looks off balance, and the mantel seems too high. What are the measurements of the wall it's on? Is that an electrical outlet in the brick above the mantel?

Usually when they build off center like that, there is a wood box next to the fireplace. Is there one, and they just bricked over it?

If you add something to the other side, be sure to check the fire codes because there needs to be a certain amount of inches worth of fire resistant covering around the fireplace. You might need to add more brick to the open side.

You have a real puzzle there! Good luck with it!


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Gosh, The 80's...that generation never ceases to amaze.

If you're willing to knock out brick to build a cubby, why not just nock down all the brick and rebuild in a shape that's pleasing to you? You'll spend a ton of time breaking up the mortar line, picking out bricks, bracing the top course of brick (now lacking support from below), and building out a cavity.

IMHO, I'd tear it all down, and rebuild with more contemporary mansory in a structure that it appealing.

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Are you looking for a budget solution or a rebuild it solution?

For a budget update, I'd paint the brass black with stove paint, and remove the mantel, paint it and re-mount lower down.

Normally I am a fan of painted brick fireplaces but I actually don't mind the brick you have. So if you don't like the brick paint it all warm white, but you could wait and see how you like it with furniture and decor first.

I'd put book cases on both sides either freestanding or built ins.

Place fireplace tool set, a wood hopped or other decorative fireplace related item on the hearth to the left to balance out the offset firebox.

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Tinan I have been looking for a suitable paint to get rid of some brass around one of my gas fireplaces. Where can I source "Stove paint" my Sherwin Williams guy can't help me, he's suggesting engine paint but it's too glossy.

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I found black stove paint at Ace Hardware - it is matte black and meant for painting iron stoves... ie heat resistant! It's also sold as "BBQ and stove paint" you can find it at most hardware and HI stores.

I have also heard people use rustoleum on the outside of fireplace doors like this, probably heat is not such a big problem so you don't necessarily need stove paint if only painting the outside. I painted the inside of our firebox too as it was stained.

To use a spray like rustoleum you'd have to do a very good masking job, and probably better to remove the doors and lay them flat to prevent drips.

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Thank you very much.

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