locke stove company

gottashadowApril 10, 2005

Can anyone tell me where I can get info on a stove called warm manning. Its a coal stove made in Kansas from a company called Locke stove. Its in great shape just need to know how many btu's, or any other information. I know there out of business.

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I started into the woodstove business in 1990 and I have NEVER heard of this brand stove.

IMHO: You are not going to be able to get any information on this stove and probably not even any replacement parts, much less specific information about btu's.

Why would you even want a stove that is at least 20 years old? Technology has gotten way better than that since then. I would look at new coal stoves instead. Of course, unless it's a beautiful antique stove for decoration. Then, that is another story.

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PS: Are you sure you don't mean "Warm Morning"?

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No not Warm Morning I looked that up too. A friend of mine bought this house the other day and it was in the basement, great shape he just wanted any info on it. Also the house has about two ton of coal he wants to use up. He fired it up and it puts out some serious heat. Yes its not the most efficient stove on the market, common sense tells me that.

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Were you ever able to find any information on this stove? We have one we are using for our garage and need a few parts for it. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Locke Stove. Locke Stove was a brand associated with Broilmaster gas grills. We do sell parts for Locke Stove/Broilmaster gas grills. This brand was also associated with heaters and fireplaces. We don't sell any of those parts but suggest you contact Martin Industries in Florence, Alabama at 256-767-0330. They own heater and fireplace division.

114 W 11TH ST

Here is a link that might be useful: Grill Parts Distributors

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