ear infection---strange

yborgalApril 30, 2012

My husband's good friend just stopped by and it was obvious there was something very wrong with his left ear. The ear was swollen, red and almost a purplish black around the lobe. Part of the lobe was missing.

He started off with the ear becoming swollen and red, then progressed to turning a very dark color. A dermatologist was treating the condition but there was no improvement.

Our friend felt a strange "lump" on the back of his ear lobe, rubbed it and the bottom of the lobe fell off.

Since then he's seen many doctors and had many tests run. Seems it's a rare disease that can be external as well as internal. If it's internal, then it is very serious as it produces a sticky substance that coats the heart, kidkneys, liver, etc.

He couldn't remember the name of this disease but thinks it starts with AMYL...... Anybody ever heard of this?

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That sounds awful!!

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Yes I learned about it in PA school, but never actually saw a patient with it, and chances are I never will.

I hope your friend gets the help he needs with the right doctors.

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His ear lobe fell off in his hand?? How strange that must have been. I'd have totally freaked.

I have known two people with amyloidosis. One woman's brain was affected and she did not live long. Another man had it another organ (liver of kidney?). He lived with it for quite a few years. He received chemotherapy for it. I think he traveled to The Cleveland Clinic for treatment, but got his chemo locally (Philadelphia).

I believe it is a build up of proteins and can affect different parts of the body.

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Oh my goodness!!! I will definitely keep him in my prayers.

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