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amj0517April 24, 2014

It's time for us to plan our summer vacation. Can you help me choose a destination please? We have 3 young kids (ages 6, 4 and 1). I don't want to fly, but am willing to spend a day in the car to reach our destination (we are in SE Michigan). I'd love to rent a house/condo using or something similar since we've had luck with that in the past. We'd like to take a week for vacation during the last 2 weeks or July or the first two of August.

We love the water (ocean or inland lakes). I'm leery of going too far north since we spent last summer's vacation in northern Michigan and the water was COLD!

Any suggestions? Any "must see" ideas, or "avoid if at all possible" considerations?


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If you want to avoid the beach scene have you considered renting a houseboat and bringing your own runabout or renting one on a lake? I highly recommend Dale Hollow Lake on ky/tn border. If you're into amusement parks you could stop at kings island or the waterpark outside of Cincinnati on your way down.

The dells of wisc? The lakes should be warm enough by august. We usually get all the Minn and wisc folks invading our lakes may-early July. They return to their waters around July once everything warms up.

If you want beaches then the Outerbanks of NC with a stop over in ashville?

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Unfortunately, any east coast beaches are a 10-12 hour plus drive....not fun with 3 kids under six!

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amj0517 if you're in SE Michigan, you could make it really easy on yourself and just head west! I love the South Haven area and we vacationed there for 2 weeks every summer for about 15 years with our kids but anywhere from Benton Harbor north is beach heaven. Saugatuk, Holland Grand Haven, Ludington, Manistee ...... you really can't miss and the drive will be easy for you.

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Nashville - I'd love to rent a houseboat in the future, but I don't think I'd ever relax considering the ages of my kids (especially the little one). The Dells might be a good option. We used to live in WI; my older boys may get a kick out of going back, especially since we always talk about how our middle one was born there. I've always heard of the Outerbanks, but I know nothing about it.

Joanie - Our older boys do pretty well in the car, although I know this would be a longer drive than before. Again, it's the little one who worries me a bit. I'm liking the suggestions that are coming in for places closer to home, so maybe the ocean will have to wait.

dlm - I love the west side of the state too. We went to South Haven in August a few years ago and the water was still cold! Maybe I'm just a sissy! I have a feeling that if we can't decide on someplace new, then the west side may be our destination.

Thanks for the feedback so far!

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